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Seppur sia per mia figlia di 5 anni, ho voluto la versione in lingua originale per farla addormentare tutte le sere cullata dalla voce di Keef.Non ho dato la 5 stella solo perch avrei voluto il libro lungo almeno il doppio e perch mi aspettavo Magauena integrale suonata da KR.Molto belle anche le illustrazioni.Assolutamente consigliato Ho comprato il libro per leggerlo assieme a keith a mio nipotino di 1 anno e mezzo molto commovente la storia, bella e divertente Bei disegni e poi la voce di Keith unica ,grazie Gus per aver portato Keith nella giusta strada Sintetico e ProfondoBravi Keith e Theodora, sembra un libro per piccini ma di certo diventer un cult book Complimenti Keith s grandfather, Theodore Augustus Dupree lived near Seven Sisters Road, in a house filled with instruments and cakes A nostalgic look back at happy childhood days as the Rolling Stone star remembers his grandfather a former big band player who encouraged his grandson to take up the guitar, in this charming picture book whimsically illustrated by Keith Richards daughterIncludes an exclusive CD with a reading of the story by a professional actor, James Langton, and a spoken introduction and additional guitar music from Keith I think that dear Keef s mask and persona may well be slipping quite badly as he melds in to older age Despite his interesting life style, he comes across as a genuinely soft hearted and warm, very human and caring guy, and all the better for it This is a truly lovely and simple tale about affection, good memories very well told I think that maybe he is a very nice guy This is essential reading for every grandparent and grandchild, bless im Well done, Keef, you old rocker, you I love it I love everything about it The CD is amazing I felt moved by it.Thank you Keith and Theodora for this bit of your history for posterity Really pleased with this Book that Keith Richards wrote, with the help of hid Daughter, A Beautiful kids Book about Keith and his Grandfather, Nice little book with CD about Keith s relationship with his grandfather Gus, Must have for any Keith Richards true fans. This book, the story and the illustrations, are unremarkable It certainly would not have been picked up had it not been for the celebrity of it all It has the premise of a great children s story but is undeveloped and hinged only on the celebrity grandfather and granddaughter angle.