Audible Guy Laliberte: The Fabulous Story of the Creator of Cirque du SoleilAuthor Ian Halperin –

An insight into the brilliant founder and his revolution inciting ideas Everyone would wish to have a boss like him. Looks At The Life And Career Of The Street Performer Who Went On To Create Cirque De Soleil Typos, terrible layout with whole sentences strung together with no space between words and as much about the author as Laliberte A bad and bored book It feels as a lot of gossips and seems centered not into Guy Laliberte but on his ex fiance It seems like she is trying to vengance from Laliberte telling all these stories to the author At the end the autor says she exploited the freindship between they and now feels like he is taking vengance over her discrediting her. Not gonna lie, book s kinda trashy But, it did have some interesting information about Cirque and how Guy brought it up from a small idea Which is why I bought it in the first place And, despite the trashy, I still read the whole thing P I recommend it overall, but ya, know you re going to get some tabloid stuff up in there.