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From bestselling author Karen McQuestion comes a moving novel about broken hearts and what it takes to put them back together againAt nine years of age, Logan Weber knows the routine Keep quiet, make the food last, and don t ever cause trouble He ll do what it takes to evade the rages of his troubled, violent father Even though he s only a child, Logan already knows too much has seen too muchSo when the opportunity presents itself, Logan runs He has no idea where his journey will lead, or that the grandmother he s been told is dead is desperately searching for himAlone with no home of his own, Logan looks for a safe place to hide Relying on his instincts and the kindness of strangers, the boy manages to touch the lives of everyone he meets But his innocent heart cannot survive in the adult world without the most basic human need of all love

15 thoughts on “Half a Heart

  1. Kindle Customer Breda Arnold Kindle Customer Breda Arnold says:

    I was sucked right in to this book from the first page Beautifully told, with lovely strands joining the characters together and intertwining their lives rather like the beautiful art installation created by one of the characters The little boy at the heart of the story, Logan , tore at my heartstrings and I wanted to leap right into the book and rescue him His is a story of cruelty, bravery and the redemptive power of love A truly superb writer and a book that encapsulates the worst and the best of humanity

  2. Donny Rock Donny Rock says:

    These are the adventures of a nine year old physically abused child The narration is too old to be children s literature and too young to be adult it falls somewhere between the two The story, while credible, takes a bit of convincing there are loose ends that need to be tidier Glib explanations, even to nine year olds, don t work.

  3. L L says:

    You need to know that you want to know what happens to this little fella Your heart goes out to him A good read Some of the coincidences stretch the imagination or it would have got 5 stars, still a most enjoyable story.

  4. Kindle Customer Kindle Customer says:

    I really enjoyed this book and did not want to put it down I bought this on an impulse as not what I usually read It was a refreshing change and would have liked it to go on a lot further Will definitely recommend to my friends that like reading Thank you x

  5. Teapotty Teapotty says:

    A great read ,you will not be disappointed,Heart wrenching,heart warming,suspense,and tears,with smiles,Not in that order.Enjoy reading this book

  6. Kindle Customer Kindle Customer says:

    Started a little slow, not really the type of story I read, but I persisted and then it got better and better The story drew you in little by little, and wow you realised how good it was A great read.

  7. Hazel Hazel says:

    A beautifully written book a lovely heart warming story I didn t want the book to end.

  8. Anonymouse Anonymouse says:

    Easy reading but I didn t want to put it down I blame the author for me staying up reading until 4 in the morning I will look for books by Ms Mcquestion, without a doubt.

  9. photography-video.co Customer photography-video.co Customer says:

    Love this book I think it s suitable for all ages I must have read all her books by now but I will check back to see Hope the next book comes out soon.

  10. Virginia Beck Virginia Beck says:

    A lovely story of a dear little boy with experience of unkind and very kind people Suitable for all ages.

  11. Dp Dp says:

    Really enjoyed this book Well written with exciting story Couldn t book it down easily at bed time I wanted to know what would happen to Logan.

  12. Lynette Harlow- Carr Lynette Harlow- Carr says:

    I loved this book it was quite different to what I normally read, but I liked the way it was written and found the story line quite gripping in a lovely gentle way

  13. Jude M Jude M says:

    I really enjoyed this book Believable characters that I could care about.

  14. Annie Mcadams Annie Mcadams says:

    Predictable, for me there was no imagination disappointing

  15. Frances N. Frances N. says:

    Good read