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Ottima qualit , come sempre con prodotti del genere Quella dei 20 anni, in lingua originale, una collezione immancabile per chi ama la saga Arrivato in perfette condizioni Il prodotto arrivato nei tempi concordati e in buone condizioni Unica pecca stata quella di trovare parte della copertina di copertura spiegazzata e rovinata, nulla di trascendentale perch sono riuscito a sistemarla. Perfetto, nuovo, senza un difetto Libro meraviglioso, da collezionare Libro arrivato perfetto stato e in tempo record. Poco da dire, versione limitata del terzo libro I love it when they release a new edition of the same old books These look great on my Potter bookshelves They are just a fun version Nice that they do all the houses instead of the usual gryffindor and slytherin house colours like they seem to with other merchandise.My only complaint is that the blue on the page edges is sometimes a bit patchy, but you generally don t see that when they re on the shelf so not a huge problem.It also means I can stop reading my first editions to keep them neat. Let the magic of JK Rowling s classic Harry Potter series take you back to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry Issued to mark the th anniversary of first publication of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, this irresistible Ravenclaw House Edition celebrates the noble character of the Hogwarts house famed for its wit, learning and wisdom Harry s third year at Hogwarts is packed with thrilling Ravenclaw moments, including the appearance of the inimitable Professor Trelawney With vibrant sprayed edges in Ravenclaw house livery, the book features beautiful house themed cover artwork with intricate bronze foiling With an exciting, bespoke introduction exploring the history of Ravenclaw House, and exclusive insights into the use of the Patronus Charm by favourite Ravenclaw characters, the book also boasts a spectacular image by Kate Greenaway winner Levi Pinfold of Cho Chang conjuring her Patronus All seven books in the series will be issued in these highly collectable, beautifully crafted House Editions, designed to be treasured and read for years to come A must have for anyone who has ever imagined sitting under the Sorting Hat in the Great Hall at Hogwarts waiting to hear the words, Better be RAVENCLAW This is the second time I ordered a book from and it s damaged The previous one had pages glued together and wavy as it was in the water This one doesn t really make a nice item to place in my collection neither Maybe I m just unlucky Came very dirty Finger prints all over the cover and much, well I hope it was muck Quite disappointing considering it is a christmas gift