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Difficult to do on your own if you are not a native speaker Not enough practice drills when concepts presented Wish there was a workbook with extra drill practices Text print is very small for me to read I am currently taking a small group study, but not with this text and I also use Rosetta Stone Should probably take a conversational Hebrew class first or currently Recommend you do the Primer first, which I did with a small group study It is a good text Good Format good diagrams English explanations I like it, but it is challenging Great book This is definitely supposed to be for teachers than for someone just learning on their own, but I am using it to learn on my own I think it does a great job at going through the language step by step I already knew how to read and write before purchasing this book so I can t say how well it works for someone that doesn t know how to do the basics I did get the first book called the primer to see what it was like, and because this book started with words that were taught in the primer book, so I would recommend getting that first But this book is very good at going through everything and explaining the reasons for certain pronounciations Hebrew is very complicated because each word has a different pronounciation for a female, male, plural, female plural, etc in English there s only one way to say the word fun, but in Hebrew there may be 7 just based on who s saying it, and to whom they are saying it This book did a great job explaining all that But again I did have a bit of a background with Hebrew before using this, and my wife who speaks it was able to help when I had questions Compared to other things I ve seen this is good stuff Hebrew is not spoken by very many people, and as such it can be hard to find good resources for learning the language in English also, there really is a difference between Biblical and the Medieval forms of Hebrew as well, and one must be careful if you want to specifically learn modern, Israeli Hebrew That which exists IS good, but mostly assumes that you just want to travel to Israel on vacation, or to move there and just need enough Hebrew to get into deeper lessons once you arrive I want to do neither, and have desperately wanted a traditional learning text.This book is exactly what I wanted It teaches Hebrew with dialogues, stories, texts, basically just ignoring the usual here is a conversation between two people at a ticket counter type of lesson There are good explanations of grammar, and interesting facts as well It s a really good book.Yes, you do need to know how to read Hebrew characters before you begin..though there are many good, free resources to learn this, and one should focus on that first anyhow Some people would prefer guidance with the alef bet, though, and that is lacking here Another drawback, as has been stated before, is that it does assume some foreknowledge of Hebrew And that is true, however it assumes that you know just a little bit, and if you don t know anything a dictionary and a bit of extra time will help you learn what you need as you go I do not see this as a weakness, but some might A third point is that the book lacks an answer key This is a weakness, however Hebrew is a language, and a language is a complete system I personally prefer to try to work out why I am right or wrong myself, and take the time to review previous work constantly Some people, however, would be comfortable with an answer key.All that being said, this is a GREAT book for learning Hebrew with a focus on reading and writing something that other texts severely lack. Oui, c est exactement ce que je cherchais, je le recommande beaucoup. This series is superb compared to other books I have purchased for learning modern Hebrew, including Esther Raizen s Modern Hebrew for Beginners, in my opinion I would not recommend this for absolute beginners I.e those who have not yet learned the alphabet or begun reading simple texts , it is perfect however for those who have engaged in intensive study of the language for at least several months and who have a good handle on reading Vowel points are included throughout the book so correct pronunciation is no hassle The book includes nine units that gradually build vocabulary and grammar using fun and engaging stories Not only is new vocabulary listed in sidenotes with each story, a list of the new vocabulary is given directly following each story, then it provides other examples of the words in use Another thing that makes this book superior in quality is the simple explanations of verb conjugations and grammar rules There are no long paragraphs explaining syntax and grammar, but single sentences that simplify the understanding of otherwise confusing rules The book also facilitates memory because it uses vocabulary learned from previous lessons with each new lesson, and builds upon what you already know There is much I could say about this book, but I encourage you to see for yourself. Good learning book for beginners who are able to read and write Hebrew It assumes some minimum knowledge of vocabulary but not much and you can easily look up the words you don t know I fault the book only in that there are no answers to the questions in the back of the book You may be unaware of your errors This is why I don t give it a five star Otherwise I have found it to be very helpful and I am on my way to speak Hebrew before my next trip to Israel. My son is fairly new to Hebrew but does have an affinity for foreign language He likes this series and finds it just challenging enough. Well organized book to learn modern Hebrew Stories introduce vocabulary and grammar This is the first of a 3 book series with progressive difficulty This book is best used with a teacher, but can also be studied alone.It begins with the basics and is very thurough. This three volume course is the ideal Hebrew program for English speaking high school, college, and adult education students The only entry requirement is the ability to recognize Hebrew letters and to read basic words This course requires only one or two hours of class time each week