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This Is The Story Of The Golden Age Of Magic And Of The World S Most Legendary Magicians The Eccentric Personalities Who Patented The First Ghost And Competed Fiendishly In The Race To Make Things Materialize, Levitate And DisappearWe Meet Harry Kellar, The Ruthless Thief Of Secrets Who Was The Model For The Wizard Of Oz, And PT Selbit, The First Man To Saw A Woman In Half On StageWe Meet John Nevil Maskelyne, Whose Egyptian Theatre Was A London Institution For Sixty Years Hiding The Elephant Is The Masterwork Of A Man Who Has Dedicated His Life To Magic, Who Knows The Tricks Inside Out, And Still Believes Este extraordinario libro es una cr nica de los principales actos y personalidades a lo largo de la edad de oro de la magia Adem s de informativo resulta inspirador, incluso con ideas aplicables a otras disciplinas art sticas por sus opiniones est ticas.El autor, Jim Steinmeyer, es dise ador de ilusiones e historiador de la magia Pero adem s es un estupendo narrador que sabe no s lo transmitir su pasi n por el tema, sino tambi n estructurar la narraci n de una forma impecable.Se desvela c mo se realizaban algunos trucos, pero no deja sensaci n amarga o de decepci n por descubrirlo Antes bien, estos ejemplos aparecen como demostraci n de dos tesis Los magos tienen una relaci n dif cil y debilitante con los secretos, a los que reconocen como de un valor incalculable y sin ning n valor al mismo tiempo Los aparatos en s pueden ser simples y bastos y s lo tener valor como herramientas para alcanzar una meta mayor Leonardo da Vinci era reservado hasta la obsesi n sobre sus t cnicas para la mezcla de pinturas Hoy en d a parece una tonter a porque nos damos cuenta de que no hay ninguna f rmula para el pigmento o mezcla de minerales que permitir a a nadie pintar como da Vinci p.310 Si se calcula en un cuaderno, acaba siendo geometr a Si se escribe o se investiga sobre ello, podr a ser historia Cuando la gente est mirando, tiene el potencial de ser magia El arte verdadero s lo est completo en el misterioso pacto entre el que act a y el p blico p.329 I ALWAYS LIKE Jim Steinmeyer s books because of the amount of work and research he puts into each volumeand this one is no exception In fact, I must say that with my almost lifetime love of magic in all of its various forms this book certainly sheds new light on the subject, and gave me a very sobering look into the back stories of the art And, it has a Foreword by Teller of the magic duo Penn that s a great read all by itself.The book s title, Hiding The Elephant, is based on the infamous 1918 illusion that Harry Houdini did on the stage at the New York Hippodrome, when he caused Jennie The Elephant to vanish into thin air Or, did he That s what this book is all about, and the well known term Smoke comes into play throughout the books 362 Pages, proving that the hand may be quicker than the eye, but it s deception, and, misdirection that makes the trick or, illusion work.Steinmeyer takes a chronological look at the history of these, sometimes, seemingly impossible vanishing illusions, as well as the tricks used by those who caused disembodied heads to appear, ghosts to float, ladies to be sawed in halfand, donkeys, cars, and, elephants, and almost anything else you can name, to disappear.THE NAMES OF THOSE chronicled within the book are some of the most famous of all time Kellar, Herrmann, Dante, Houdini, Bamberg, the Davenport Brothers, Robert Houdin, Thurston, the Maskelynes , Goldinwell, you get the picture But I was a little upset that Blackstone, as well as Carter The Great weren t profiled in here Both had superb careers, and Blackstone was one of Houdini s greatest rivals, and in reality a better magician rivalry, this is the part of the book that I hadn t fully known about I didn t realize the backstabbing, the belittling, the thievery that went on behind the scenes of these legendary iconswith almost all of those mentioned, taking part in those activities Page after page stories of tricks, illusions, designs of apparatus, and, sometimes actual items, being stolen by one illusionist magician from the other I was shocked at this new light that was shed on a profession I have loved, followed, and, at one time, participated in myselfit gave me new insight and soured me on those who took part in any of the above mentioned callous deeds.As the well known magician actor writer, Ricky Jay states, Steinmeyer s book is An enthralling history of great illusionists that reveals not only how magicians act but how they think.HIDING THE ELEPHANT, by Jim Steinmeyer, has 362 Pages that contain 16 Chapters, 65 Illustrations, 8 Pages of rare photos, and, a great section on Acknowledgements Notes In reading it, prepare yourself for a look back at Magic s History going from the 1800 s to today, and learn, as I did, that in the World of Magic not everything is as it seems On Stage, OR, Off. A very well written and well researched history of magic, covering many magicians from the 1800s and 1900s Of all the book concentrates on the history of specific performers and the development of magic tricks, it does reveal a few secrets just enough to satisfy curious readers It s made me excited about going to my next magic show.I do want to mention, however, that the Kindle edition s selected typeface makes it difficult to read Normally, I can read a book without glasses by simply enlarging the font For this title, however, I needed to enlarge the typeface several times to ensure that it was large enough to read without glasses This was clearly a problem with the typeface selected for this title.