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The ideal course for absolute beginners, Hindi Urdu Bol Chaal introduces you to two languages at once Focusing on everyday spoken Hindi and Urdu, it introduces useful conversational language, covering topics relating to family, friends and food As you progress, you will learn about the background and history of Hindi and Urdu, and discover their similarities and differences Whether you are learning at home or in a class, using this multi media course, you will reach a good basic level in both spoken languagesCourse BookTen units present detailed material on both languages with the use of dialogues and a helpful dual translation system Explanations, exercises, review sections, grammar notes and vocabulary lists support learning and help you to monitor and reinforce what youve learned page course book


  1. Pastor David Pastor David says:

    I had this book, together with the audio cassettes many years ago, when the BBC series was still being repeated, for the umpteenth time I lost the book, in a house move, but still had the tapes Having a little spare time, I decided that I would like to try the course again, so I tired to buy the boo again I was shocked that a brand new copy can now fetch prices in the hundreds of pounds, since it is no longer printed Almost given up, I tried found a few second hand ones on offer, for just a few pence postage I ordered one that was described as good condition was not disappointed Now I am able to study this book the tapes again, to try to learn to communicate with some of the Asian people in our community Remembering the prices for new copies, I have a new found respect for this book, which is obviously on the way to being collectable

  2. M. R. Marks M. R. Marks says:

    I had used this course whilst I was teaching children whose first language was Urdu Punjabi We are visiting India shortly and wanted to refresh my knowledge I would advise that the audio tapes are purchased with the book.

  3. Mr. C. J. Campbell Mr. C. J. Campbell says:

    Probably the best course for beginners.

  4. Customer Customer says:

    First class In better condition than my own copy which I lost Thank you.

  5. Customer Customer says:


  6. AdiB AdiB says:

    This book shows transliteration of the Urdu Hindi language so that you do not have to learn the script I would say, however, that it is better to purchase the 2 audiocassettes which accompany this book as there are listening exercises which are referred to in the book It is well set out, and covers greetings, family, food, health, learning, hobbies, likes dislikes, travel and other useful areas of conversation There are also sections on how the language works and historical background information It is illustated throughout and extremely readable I thoroughly recommend it to anyone interested in learning these languages for conversational purposes.

  7. stefania stefania says:

    usato ma come nuovo consegna molto veloce peccato che il libro aveva le cassette da ascoltare, ma non sono incluse.

  8. silvia silvia says:

    Per chi vuole imparare l Urdu una guida molto valida, scritta in un inglese molto comprensibile.