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A History of the Hebrew language is a comprehensive description of Hebrew from its Semitic origins and the earliest settlement of the Israelite tribes in Canaan to the present day Although Hebrew is an oriental language, it is nonetheless closely associated with Western culture as the language of the Bible and was used in writing by the Jews of Europe throughout the Middle Ages It has also been newly revived in modern times as the language of the State of Israel Professor Angel Saenz Badillos sets Hebrew in the context of the Northwest Semitic languages and examines the origins of Hebrew and its earliest manifestations in ancient biblical poetry, inscriptions, and prose written before the Babylonian exile He looks at the different mediaeval traditions of printing classical biblical Hebrew texts and the characteristic features of the post exilic language, including the Hebrew of the Dead Sea Scrolls He gives particular attention to Rabbinic and mediaeval Hebrew, especially as evidenced in writings from Spain His survey concludes with the revival of the language this century in the form of Israeli Hebrew

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  1. FA FA says:

    Really interesting book about the amazing complex history of Hebrew Really detailed despite being so short Addressed all the main issues for the various stages of Hebrew Even though I bought this book for uni, I really enjoyed reading it in my free time too.

  2. D. Rachlin D. Rachlin says:

    Don t grab a bagel and cream cheese and a cup of tea to help enjoy this book The amount of information is jaw dropping, and, frankly, not all that exciting if you simply want a good read about the history of Hebrew This is an outstanding book of painstaking research Every bit of the book was fascinating Perhaps a bit too much early on regarding phonological changes, but my interest is mostly morphology At any rate, this is not a book for the casual reader who wants to know the basics about the Hebrew language It is a full blown linguistic text for those who want such an in depth look at this incredible language.

  3. Ben Wiley Ben Wiley says:

    Provides phonological information that is interesting amd hints at ways of finding the etymology of words that many have a hard time figuring out Ugaritic is mentioned, for instance As to be expected, citations are there for further inquiry Just a truly nice book I ordered the Kindle first do NOT get the Kindle, it s just a off basically with poor font quality and none of the navigational tools of typical Kindle books is present , ans liked the information so much that I returned the Kindle edition and just bought the paperback Not disappointed and it was well worth the money.

  4. Larry Farmer Larry Farmer says:

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  5. Isaac Isaac says:

    For the student of Hebrew, this books is invaluable While dense in content, it is nonetheless a smooth and interesting read It provides an overview of the Hebrew language all the way from the earliest inscriptions through to modern Hebrew while simultaneously comparing it to other semitic languages.

  6. Angela Angela says:

    Beautiful book Thank you.

  7. SedesGobhani SedesGobhani says:

    The author educates on how written Hebrew language evolved over time and gives facts to back up his claims He covers the evolution of matres lectionis but I would like to see detail there and condensed into one section rather than scattered about.