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Berebury Golf Course In The County Of Calleshire Is An Unlikely Place For A Murder Set In Pleasant Landscape And Boasting A Splendid View Of The Town Of Berebury, The Golf Course Is Situated To Fun And Games Than Murder And Mayhem So When Flirtatious Golfing Beginner Helen Ewell Goes In Search Of A Wayward Golf Ball In The Dreaded Hell S Bells Bunker She Is Not Prepared For The Horrible Surprise That Lies Buried Beneath The Soft Sand

5 thoughts on “Hole in One

  1. Damaskcat Damaskcat says:

    A body is found buried in a bunker at the Berebury golf club Sloan and Crosby are sent to investigate only to find their superior Superintendent Leeyes there as he is a member of the club and was about to play a round.At first the investigation is hampered both by Leeyes presence and by the corpse being unrecognisable Once they identify the body the investigation picks up speed This is a well plotted crime story with some interesting characters and amusing dialogue.If you like less violent crime stories then this book and this series may be the one for you The books can be read in any order.

  2. Rosemary Horner Rosemary Horner says:

    I prefer my crime on the cosy side but still enjoy a well written story, I find Catherine Aird fulfils my needs perfectly and this one does not disappoint.

  3. j.Wiggin j.Wiggin says:

    very enjoyable

  4. Andy Capp Andy Capp says:

    This is the first book by Catherine Aird I have ever read I enjoyed it and as I read I could imagine the Golf Course and the poor unfortunate victim in the Bunker When I read Crime Novels I tend to form a picture of what the Detectives look like However in Sloan and Crosby s case I was unable to do this Having said that though I imagine that Crosby has a lot to learn but I think that Sloan will get him to his way of thinking.I would have liked to have seen of Polly Perkins the police woman in the story as when I read about her in the book I imagine a lively sort of person.Congratulations to Catherine Aird for a good story and also congratulations to Allison and Busby for a nice presentable cover, before the reader opens the book it sets the scene.As I said this is the first book I have read by Catherine so in the future I will be on the look out for .

  5. Adrian Dungey Adrian Dungey says:

    A fantastic new novel from Catherine with a new publisher to boot Well worth the wait A definite thumbs up.