download books How to Airsoft: Your Step-by-Step Guide to Airsofting By HowExpert Press –

The sample of this book consisted solely of its copyright notice and that should have tipped me off Most of its content is common sense and aimed at people who have obviously no previous knowledge about airsoft Hardly a guide, it is at most a superficial and summary introduction Short, shallow and has typos An utter waste of over 10 If You Want To Learn How To Airsoft Like A Pro, Then Get The How To Airsoft Course In This Step By Step Guide, You Will Discover The Best Airsoft Tips And Secrets You Will Learn Strategies And Techniques To Improve Your Airsoft Skills You Will Amaze And Shock Your Friends As Being The Best Airsoft Player Your Airsoft Team Will Respect And Look Up To You As An Airsoft Leader Discover How To Gear Up For Before The Airsoft Battle The Right Way How To Play In An Airsoft Team And Win Tips On How To Avoid Getting Hit Speedball Tricks How To Move Without Being Seen How To Stock Up On Ammo The Correct Way How To Airsoft Like A Pro I downloaded the sample of this book, only to read the copyright I figured they had made a mistake, so I went ahead and bought it I then realized that if they did give a sample, they would be giving away half the book It is no longer than thirty pages, and only two of those thirty pages I found to be useful This book was a complete waste of ten dollars and was of hardly any use Do NOT buy this book. I have never played Airsoft, nor did I even know a quasi military type of game like this existed, other than paintball I learned a lot from this guide from how to set up teams and game scenarios, what type of weapons are available and the history and development of the sport and its purpose This how to guide covers a lot of information, and gave me great tips on what types of weapons are used by which players and how to make playing Airsoft fun and safe for myself and my friends I want to go play Airsoft now, thanks to this guide.