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The only con I can list for this book is that it doesn t say it is woman specific, but it really is My husband was kind of bummed There is a men s chapter but it s focused on suits, and not that applicable for most guys.This book is fantastic It has helped with my body image, my ability to shop, and my confidence as a young and even younger looking woman professional Changes I have made due to reading my bra size and comfortwhat underwear I wearmy comfort level wearing blazers that fit ability to confidently buy clothes that actually fit me without feeling bad about my bodyfiguring out how to wear clothes that actually make me look good and feel goodfiguring out how to use the clothes I have in a way that worksmy laundry routinehow I organize my closet It jumps through topics a little faster than I d prefer, and could use text illustrative images still trying to figure out what a circle skirt is , but it has answered questions I ve held for years do I really need to dry clean , has so many specific fabric cleaning directions that I ll be adding flags and using it as a reference in my laundry room, and it inspired me to sort re organize my closets, boosted by the truth of her argument that it s better to have some well coordinated outfits than a huge collection of varied but poorly fitting items.So, as a result, I ve bought a lot of multi tiered hangers slips, tank tops, petti pants, work out capris , replaced fat plastic hangers with felted space savers 35 for 10 thank you, CostCo , and stored the majority of items as outfits in one hanger bundle pants on clips, shirt and sweater layered atop leggings on clips, tank and dress atop, belt on the hook That helped me reduce from 2 to 1 closet, and helped me let go of items which aren t ever worn because they don t have a mate to be worn with. This is a nice introductory book for those who, like me, are totally clueless about clothes what to buy, how to wear them, and how to store them I notice that the critics of this book seem to already know better Well, if you were born with fashion sense and have been on your own for a while, maybe you ve already discovered what works for you This book is not for those people I m in my 50s have moved to different states three times and have lived on my own before coming back to care for my mother And, I m still clueless Author Alison Freer writes like she s your BFF doling out tips The book is an easy read and pleasantly illustrated For many, there have been at least one piece of invaluable advice that was worth the price of the entire book In my case, I had bought a fairly expensive ring carved out of jade After buying it, I lost nearly 30 lbs and, now the ring doesn t fit You can t re size stone I was resigned to wearing the ring as an awkward pendant when upon reading Alison s creative use of one item, I discovered an easy fix and no, it doesn t involve using a ring guard which can be uncomfortable, annoying to wear, and pop off along with your ring I won t mention the fix here It would be unfair to the author But, this piece of advice saved me from the heartache of keeping a piece of beautiful and expensive jewelry I cannot wear. I am a personal fashion stylist, and consume tons of fashion and style related content on a daily basis from blogs, magazines, etc so it is rare that I read anything new and educational Most of the material out there about fashion is regurgitated from the same sources.This book was a complete exception It totally wowed me with its cover to cover tips and practical advice There was so much in here that I ve already been able to share some new tips with my clients Alison shares so much information about tricks to remove stains, make clothing fit better, improve the comfort of your clothing, and so on that could only be gathered from years of experience If was so refreshing to read a book written by someone who isn t afraid to actually share valuable knowledge Costume Designer Alison Freers Styling Kit Is A Magical Bag Of Tricks, Built To Solve Every Single Wardrobe Malfunction On Earth TV And Film Productions Wait For Nothing, So Her Solutions Have To Work Fast In How To Get Dressed, Alison Distills Her Secrets Into A Fun, Comprehensive Style Guide Focused On Rethinking Your Wardrobe Like A Fashion Expert And Making Whats In Your Closet Work For You She Provides Real World Advice About Everything Style Related, Including Making Every Garment You Own Fit Better Mastering Closet Organization The Undergarments You Actually Need The Scoop On Tailors And Which Alterations Are Worth It Shopping Thrift And Vintage Like A Rockstar Instead Of Repeating Boring Style Rules, Alison Breaks The Rules And Gets Real About Everything From Bras To How To Deal With Inevitable Fashion Disasters Including Helpful Information Such As How To Skip Ironing And The Dry Cleaners, Remove Every Stain Under The Sun, And Help Clueless Men Get Their Sartorial Acts Together, How To Get Dressed Has Hundreds Of Insider Tips From Alisons Arsenal Of Tools And Expertise This isn t what I expected it to be The title is misleading I learned a lot about fixing wardrobe malfunctions and stain removal, but nothing about how to build a wardrobewhich was sort of what I was expecting Disappointed, but I did learn some things.