{Kostenlos eBook} Human Migration: Investigate the Global Journey of Humankind (Inquire and Investigate)Autor Judy Dodge Cummings – Bilb-weil.de

About , Years Ago, Humans Arose As A Species On The Continent Of Africa How Did They Get To The Rest Of The World When Did They Leave, Why, And What Did They Use For Transportation Whether By Bamboo Raft Or Boeing , Whether To Escape Political Persecution Or Because Of Climate Change, Migration Is A Recurring Pattern Throughout The Human History Of The WorldIn Human Migration Investigate The Global Journey Of Humankind, Readers Ages To Retrace The Paths Taken By Our Ancestors, Starting With The Very First Steps Away From African Soil Understanding Who Has Migrated, From Where, When, And Why Helps Us Understand The Shared History Of Humans Across The World And The Future That Links Us TogetherKids Discover How Archaeologists, Paleoanthropologists, Linguists, And Geneticists Piece Together Different Parts Of The Puzzle Of Ancient Migration Open Ended, Inquiry Based Activities And Links To Primary Sources Help Readers Draw Inferences And Analyze How These Human Journeys Have Changed Where And How People Live Human Migration Takes Readers On A Journey From Our Common Ancestry To Our Shared Future On An Increasingly Fragile Planet

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    The writing is age appropriate, but the illustrations make it so much easier for children to understand the content In my opinion the illustrations make this book clearer for young readers than the many other books about the same subject.

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    Cummings and Casteel s book is a superbly written resource that would be beneficial to any social studies classroom or any home school curriculum The book makes use of primary resources and provides nice excerpts to stimulate critical thinking and inspire further discussion The use of QR tags for students to engage additional content online is a great feature that make the passages interactive The illustrations are bright and executed well to highlight key concepts in the text I have been a Social Studies teacher for 15 years and this book is the kind of thought provoking resource that really helps make history come alive and will be a go to book for my history courses for years to come