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Follow A Tiny Hummingbird On Its Journey From Central America To Central Park In A Captivating Tale With Exquisite Illustrations Echoing The Creatures Jeweled Tones Tz Unun Tz Unun A Buzz Of Wings, A Flash Of Color Theres A Very Special Visitor In Grannys Garden Its A Hummingbird And Its Just About To Begin Its Long Migration, Heading North To Its Nesting Ground Watch As It Spreads Joy To All Who Encounter It Along Its Two Thousand Mile Trek In An Engaging Text Sprinkled With Facts, Zoologist Nicola Davies Introduces Readers To This Valiant Bird, Lighter Than A Nickel, While Jane Rays Lush, Intricate Illustrations, Accented In Gold Pantone, Highlight Its Jewel Like Beauty More Details About Hummingbirds, Along With A Bibliography And An Index, Are Available At The End To Budding Ornithologists

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  1. Carole A Murphy Carole A Murphy says:

    Bought this book for my granddaughter who loved it Would buy again

  2. George M. Nottingham, Jr George M. Nottingham, Jr says:

    Beautiful illustrations.Easily comprehended by little ones showing the world Our Father created for us.

  3. Marilyn J. Meyer Marilyn J. Meyer says:

    A beautiful book with good information

  4. John Rogers Clark IV John Rogers Clark IV says:

    Combine fantastic illustrations with an adventure story about a tiny, but heart strong bird and you have a winner The tale begins with a whispered conversation between a grandmother and her granddaughter as they watch a Ruby Throated Hummingbird feeding in preparation for its spring migration from Central America to the United States While the girl flies home to New York City, the hummingbirds flight north is shown in steps, while including facts like the tiny creatures ability to cross up to 500 miles of ocean without stopping Their longevity, feeding preferences and nesting habits are also woven into the story, with each stage of the journey is shown through lavish illustrations I read this to a fidgety kindergartener and he never moved the whole time I was reading This is a perfect blend of story and factual information about a bird that nearly everyone loves.

  5. Tasha Saecker Tasha Saecker says:

    In a grandmother s garden in Central America, a granddaughter watches the zooming hummingbirds The birds will soon be heading north for the summer to their nesting grounds The tiny birds must cross the Gulf of Mexico, stopping for a bit of rest on boats along the way They continue on, following the blooming flowers as they stretch northward When they reach their nesting grounds, the male hummingbirds defend their nearby flowers There, the same girl, now in New York City, finds an eggshell on the ground and realizes that she has seen both the beginning and end of the hummingbird s migration.Davies, a zoologist, beautifully frames the story of the hummingbird with one little girl s own travels from Central America to her home in New York City She makes sure that readers have plenty of facts about the hummingbird, from how light they are to what their diets need to how they nest and migrate Davies has a real skill for sharing just enough facts with young readers and still telling a compelling story that is not derailed by too many factoids.The illustrations by Ray are phenomenal Her delicate lines are exactly the right format for these tiny birds She captures the beauty of their feathers and their coloring She also shows them in mid air but still manages to convey their speed and dexterity.A beautiful nonfiction picture book about an amazing tiny bird Appropriate for ages 4 7.