➽ Hungry for Life: A Memoir Unlocking the Truth Inside an Anorexic Mind Download ➺ Author Rachel Richards – Bilb-weil.de

This book was very thought provoking and definitely gives a very good insight to anorexia Would definitely recommend reading it In This Painfully Moving Memoir, Take A Firsthand Look At Anorexia Through The Eyes Of A Young Girl Even In Kindergarten, Rachel Richards Knows Something Isn T Right By Leading Us Through Her Distorted Thoughts, She Shines A Light On The Experience And Mystery Of Mental Illness As She Grows Up, Unable To Comprehend Or Communicate Her Inner Trauma, Rachel Lashes Out, Hurting Herself, Running Away From Home, And Fighting Her Family Restricting Food Gives Her The Control She Craves But After Being Hospitalized And Force Fed, Rachel Only Retreats Further Into Herself With A Driving Perfectionism, She Graduates College With Honors But At Pounds, Rachel Is A Shell Of Nervous And Obsessive Behaviors That Have Controlled Her Life Years Of Self Harm And Self Loathing Have Fueled The Inner Battles Between Good And Evil, Health And Sickness, And Life And Death Acting On Stage Offers Her Moments Of Freedom From The Skewed Perceptions She S Constructed Over The Years But Her Dream Of A Career In Theater Is Not Enough To Save Her What Is The Secret That Will Finally Unleash Her Will To Recover If You, Or Someone You Know, Suffers From An Eating Disorder Or Is A Concerned Parent, Is Anxious About Weight And Dieting, Has An Addiction, Or Wants To Learn About The Mystery Of How An Eating Disorder Develops, And The Multifaceted And Complex Road To Recovery, This Audiobook Is A Must Listen Very very good found it very interesting What a moving, emotional look into the life and mind of a girl struggling with mental illness and anorexia I couldn t put it down, a very fast read Anyone who has a mental disorder or lives with someone who struggles with one can find hope and inspiration from this story. I just bought the book as I admire those who go on and write their story its brave to see the words in print and go back over their lives reliving it unedited We all edit the past far too much I had a touch of anorexia as a teenager but had kids and grew out of it as it might have taken hold God bless the long suffering parents and family who have to watch and suffer. No holds barred look at a life with anorexia If anyone out there thinks it s just about wanting to be a little bit thinner think again Taking the risk of reliving those destructive and negative thoughts must have been terrifying for the author Read this in a few hours and couldn t put it down.