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This was a great spinoff to the tapestry series Set a few thousand years in the future after the events of Max, David, and Mina we see what the world has become after the destruction of Astaroth I loved this world I loved the thought process that went into creating this government and all it s problems and the different views that each faction has about what happened How the events of the previous books are now regarded as myth and legend in imperyia I would definitely recommend this to anyone who loved the tapestry series. This book was a pleasant surprise It is quick, funny, magical, filled with action and feels By my opinion, this book is just as good as Harry Potter It is a very exciting world to discover The characters were great The main characters are Hob and Hazel, and they were both loveable in their own ways, at the same time as they were very different from each other The way Hazel and Hob s friendship develops is very natural and it TAKES TIME, which I think is very important to make them believable I just loved this book Wish I could unread it just so I could read it and experience it again Highly recommended You want to read some of Henry H Neff s work then read the Tapestry series Get to know Max McDaniels and then you ll understand why I wanted to read this I was a little disappointed, but I think it s because I m older now and the childish tone and events were tiring to read But, I still love the Tapestry series Those books are amazing So if you get anything from this review, look up The Hound of Rowan and start reading. I m so happy to be back in this world again.I read the Tapestry series and loved them this book is Legend of Korra to the Tapestry s avatar the last air bender The world between the first series and Impyrium has evolved not into what it had been which is our current world but into a world where technology is limited Magic is used but only a fraction of people are born with it It s nice to see how Rowan looks again but also sad so much has happened and most people think of Max, David and Mina as myths almost not believing half the things that they did This book was a little slow and I just wanted answers most of the answers I wanted where about the past and why Impyrium was the way it was I could tell who was fooling who for the most part but I would think the two main characters who are children put the Pieces together pretty well for there age The pace was a bit slow at times and I did get Board waiting to see what would happen next but the last 20% really made up for it And I relies the world the author was trying to make and how I should feel about the characters and that does make the progress slow for me but I m thinking there won t be a need for that in the next book unless they travel to a land that is new I can t stop thinking of the book and I know I will have to wait forever for the next one but it was worth going back to this world are world just altered I also think you could read this without reading the other books but I think it would be way enjoyable if you read the tapestry books first. A TEXAS LONE STAR READING LIST PICK A Rare Jewel A New Classic In The Fantasy Genre Eoin Colfer, Author Of The Bestselling Artemis Fowl SeriesHenry H Neffs New High Stakes Middle Grade Fantasy Follows Two Unlikely Allies As They Confront A Conspiracy That Will Shake The World Of Impyrium To Its CoreFor Over Three Thousand Years, The Faeregine Dynasty Has Ruled Impyrium But The Familys Magic Has Been Fading, And With It Their Power Over The Empire Whether Its Treachery From A Rival House, The Demon Lirlanders, Or Rebel Forces, Many Believe The Faeregines Are Ripe To FallHazel, The Youngest Member Of The Royal Family, Is Happy To Leave Ruling To Her Sisters So That She Can Study Her Magic But The Empress Has Other Plans For Her Granddaughter, Dark And Dangerous Plans To Exploit Hazels Talents And Rekindle The Faeregine Mystique Hob, A Commoner From The Remote Provinces, Has Been Sent To The City To Serve The Faereginesand To Spy On ThemOne Wants To Protect The Dynasty The Other Wants To Destroy It But When Hazel And Hob Form An Improbable Friendship, Their Bond May Save The Realm As They Know Itor End It For Good