Audible In Search of Fatima: A Palestinian Story By Ghada Karmi –

This is an important memoir, beautifully written by an intelligent, sensitive woman It should help those of us who do not understand why growing numbers of Muslims and not a few Christians have lost faith with Western pretensions of fairness Financial TimesKeenly observed, fierce, honest and yet light of touch EconomistKarmis great achievement is to humanise the Palestinian predicament Violent uprooting and exile have permanent psychological effects, which, as the Jewish people discovered, are not necessarily assuaged by the passage of time We need counter narratives like this, because we have recently learnt that it is not only parochial but also dangerous to ignore the pain and rights of others IndependentA very timely book in the current political situation This should serve to remind people just what the big fuss in the Middle East is all aboutAhdaf Soueif, Times Literary SupplementGhada Karmi writes simply and poignantly Here is a story of our time, exile and dispossession Jewish ChronicleOne of the finest, most eloquent and painfully honest memoirs of the Palestinian exile and displacement, which western power and its creature, Israel, have normalised New StatesmanCompelling and beautifully written IndependentGhada Karmis acclaimed memoir relates her childhood in Palestine, flight to Britain after the catastrophe, and coming of age in Golders Green, the north London Jewish suburb A powerful biographical story, In Search of Fatima reflects the authors personal experiences of displacement and loss against a backdrop of the major political events which have shaped conflict in the Middle East Speaking for the millions of displaced people worldwide who have lived suspended between their old and new countries, fitting into neither, this is an intimate, nuanced exploration of the subtler privations of psychological displacement and loss of identity