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Brighton,Grace Kemp is pushed away by the family she has shamed Rejected and afraid, she begins a new life as a nurse But danger stalks the hospital too, and she ll need to be on her guard to avoid falling into familiar traps And then there are the things she sees Strange portents that have a way of becoming realEighty years later, Mina Morgan is brought to the same hospital after a near fatal car crash She is in terrible pain but recalls nothing She s not even sure whom to trust Mina too sees things that others cannot, but now, in hospital, her visions are clearer than ever Two women, separated by decades, are drawn together by a shared space and a common need to salvage their lives This is different and although there is no twisting, gripping plot it is compulsive reading and I found I couldn t put it down once started Told in two time lines by two different women, it tells the story of Mina, a young woman in hospital after a car accident, her injuries leave her with some memory loss, and a prolonged stay in hospital Go back 70 odd years and we meet Grace who was a nurse at the hospital at that time, banished from her home to work at the hospital as a trainee nurse the rules were strict and life not easy When Mina starts to have visions of Grace, she is thrown into a dilemma is Grace trying to warn her about her boyfriend is there something she can t remember about him.I really enjoyed this book and will be looking out for by the same author. Having recently finished this book I really don t know what I feel or even how these two stories were related to each other I thought the end was rather rushed and did not tie the two stories together as far as I was concerned This is really a book of two halves one a psychological thriller and the other a historical novel to a point The element that ties the two stories together is the supernatural element that is spooky and certainly well done being an integral part of the story as it is shared by both the women in the book.That said I will deal with each part separately In the psychological part the tension was built gradually As the reader is aware of the larger picture we see the larger picture and often want to yell at the Mina just to warn her of the impending danger.The historical part of the novel could be said to be a friendship saga We are also told about the daily grind of a student nurse Grace , the lowest rung on the medical hierarchy.Mina is a surprisingly strong character but still vulnerable and from part of her back story she is not the most likeable person, yet after the accident see sees people, things and herself in a different light In contrast, Grace is na ve and also vulnerable but she grows the most throughout the book and gains both strength and determination.But detailed characterisation is not just reserved for the main characters but is also given to the supporting characters such a Grace s best friend and roomie Evie and to Mina s Aunt Pat thereby enriching the main characters and giving the story depth.The one element that joins these two women together is they are able to see things that others cannot a sort of second sight This is also where the two stories sort of come together Mina is hospitalised and starts to see Grace It just so happens that the hospital that Mina is in was where Grace worked many years ago Never once did Mina cross into Grace s timeline.As far as this reader was concerned there were quite a few unresolved issues Why did Grace go into nursing Why did Grace reach out to Mina Why was there no other obvious connection between the two women Perhaps the two stories should have been dealt with as two separate novels and thereby each story could have received better treatment, the back story of which I am sure there is a great deal in each case could have been told, and some of the unresolved issues could have been cleared up.Take all this together and add an element of romance and you have novel that is difficult to pigeon hole with is clearly written, well plotted yet entertaining and annoying in equal measure But the ending did leave this reader rather flat but that is just my opinion Form your own by reading this strangely haunting book.Thank you Natgalley for providing me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. When I read the description of this book, It was the supernatural element of this story that really appreciateI loved this It follows the lives of two women Grace is a trainee nurse in 1930s, Meena is a radiologist working in the same hospital eighty years later Both women see things that aren t quite real sort of talismans that predict when things are going to happen When Meena wakes up in hospital with amnesia after a serious car accident, she has to piece together her life from the information provided by the people that visit her But all who visit are not as they seem and Grace reaches out to Meena to help guide her in the right direction.Both women s stories are really interesting and moving I couldn t put it down. Really loved this It is the story of two women, Grace 1938 and Meena present day who both work ed at the same hospital Their stories are told separately and the author manages to portray each of them in a very different way Grace is very much a product of her age, quiet, deferential etc whilst Meena is very modern with an acerbic wit The connection between the two is not just the hospital but the fact that they both have slightly mystical powers they see things The book is well written and, in my opinion, gripping although it was actually a very gentle story I got this Kindle book as part of my Prime membership and it is not a book I d normally choose but I d definitely recommend this one. I thoroughly enjoyed this and read it in a couple of sittings I m a big fan of time slip type stories, and this one worked really well, with the connection between front and back story believable, and not at all contrived as it has been in a few I ve read recently I liked that the author was brave enough to make her front story heroine unlikeable in the sense of having a really difficult character, and brave enough to make the reader work a bit at understanding her There were some really quite emotional issues in her background that weren t glossed over or shied away from and they easily could have been and by and large I felt that her resolution was pretty believable too not trite, not a simple HEA but a start.In terms of the back story, I thought the nurse, Grace, was an excellent complementary foil, and one with a distinct personality as opposed to a character simply created to act as a reflector of the main front story protagonist hope this makes sense I did feel that of this could have been explored, but I guess then that would have meant a whole separate book One thing I did particularly like was the explanation of Grace s presence in the front story, which didn t rely on the reader believing in ghosts but on the other hand, didn t preclude it.I ve read one other of Ms Painter s books, a complete contrast to this one, and I must admit I was very surprised by this in a nice way Looking forward to from her. An easy read, but not much else There were some interesting storylines that never developed, without these the story remained a little two dimensional for me, and it did feel as though the author did a hurried hop, skip, and a jump, to a happy ever after Ok read if it s going free, and you have time to kill, but otherwise do not bother. I really enjoyed this book and so didn t understand the albeit few negative reviews It s a story you re quickly drawn into and I found it just a little bit different I liked the jump between characters Mina and Grace and the link of the hospital and generally the overall feel of the book One review mistakenly mentions Mina s death For the record she doesn t die There were also a few readers who didn t seem to understand certain aspects of the book which confused me I thought it was very straight forward and uncomplicated but see for yourself I d thoroughly recommend. I finished the book hence why the extra star, although truly I think it is for me for bothering I found Mina one of the main protagonists to dislike everyone except her brother who true to her disagreeable character cold shouldered him too when he needed her Grace the other protagonist was endearing The story is about Mina and Grace who live in different time periods but intertwine because the one sees ghost birds and then conveniently a ghost nurse, and the other is the convenient nurse There are ghosts but it is not a ghost story, there is an accident but it s not a tragedy, there are the good, bad and ugly characters but it s not a western, or a romance or well written for that matter, in fact for me it was 328 pages of a waste of time to read. The parallel story of two girls linked by a hospital, one a modern researcher and the other a trainee nurse in the late 1930s The first ends up a patient after a car accident and the second appears as a ghostly presence who tries to warn her of trouble ahead Very readable, slightly implausible unless you believe in the supernatural, has a happy ending.