[download books] Into the Quagmire: Lyndon Johnson and the Escalation of the Vietnam WarAuthor Brian VanDeMark – Bilb-weil.de

See C.J Stewart s review below He said all of it very well This book isn t to incite controversy It states fact, the factual information researched that was available to the President in the 18 months leading up to the US finally committing fully to a war in Vietnam Could it have been prevented by the President following some of the offered advise opinions of some of his advisors Did it happen because the President followed the advise opinion of other of his advisors Did the President think it through Had it not happened, what direction would SE Asia have taken then There is no correct answer It happened and the clock can t be turned back Who was right, who was wrong, was there a right or wrong So very interesting to be there as all of this is unfolds during those critical eighteen months President Johnson, you ll see a human side of him presented Do you like him better or worse for his decisions..and for the reasons behind those decisionswere they personal, political, or patriotic Doesn t matter any Almost fifty years ago But so interesting to see how easily we could have taken another direction with Vietnam Oh well I enjoyed this book and learned a lot about the war that impacted most of my youth I now have a greater understanding of why and what was done in those early years and how we escalated the number of young service men and women in this war I also believe we won this war in the end. Well written Highly recommended Decently written book but really nothing new to offer A President shouldn t be sucked into a quagmire he should lead the way out Apologia pro vita Johnson. This book was very informative about the US s deeper involvement in the Vietnam war It was particularly interesting LBJ s change in policy and seeing what influenced his decisions Very good book. This book was not one of my favorites It seemed to move really slowly Although I generally enjoy historical material, I would not recommend this book. Into the Quagmire presents a closely rendered, almost day by day account of America s deepening involvement in Vietnam during those crucial nine months Brian VanDeMark s book examines Lyndon Johnson and his policies that seemingly worsened the Vietnam War for all those who were involved It appears that Johnson failed to have a clear understanding what his predocessor was doing with Vietnam which lead to the escalation Instead, it appears that Johnson wanted the war either because his ego would not allow him to appear to be soft on Communism Or, he feared that his own policies such as the Great Society would not be taken seriosuly This book examines what a fool Johnson was by getting the United States inolved with a situation where it did not belong.