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When Polly Evans Set Off On A Journey Round Spain By Bicycle, She Found Adventures Than She Had Bargained For She Survived A Nail Biting Encounter With A Sprightly Pig, Escaped Over Zealous Suitors, Had Her Morality Questioned By Locals And Indulged In Her Love Of Regional Cooking While She Pedalled, Polly Pondered Some Of The Lurid Details Of Spanish History King Who Collected Pickled Heads And The Unfortunate Duchess Who Lost Her Feet And Wherever She Cycled,she Ate And Ate And Yet Still Shrank Out Of Her Trousers

8 thoughts on “It's Not About the Tapas: A Spanish Adventure on Two Wheels

  1. Sophie Sophie says:

    I chose this for a friend who likes cycling and has been to Spain as this is what the author does I found it a bit of a slog hard to get going and hard in parts throughout the book It is OK, but not than that She even skips a lot of the journey and seems a bit amateurish when it comes to map reading, not very open minded and is not as funny as the cover would make out I wondered if maybe it was just me having trouble concentrating, but when I read reviews on they agreed with my sentiments and also made me realise that part of the reason was that she did not interact with the locals much and the bits about the history of places did not really flow with the book story I tried to find a similar but better book for my friend having read this before but they all seemed to be about moving to Spain and renovating a house which was not really what I wanted The book itself was in very good condition

  2. Holly Fyfe Holly Fyfe says:

    For me, this book has been a bit of a struggle It was quite amusing in parts but some of it was a bit OTT and I ended up skipping a few pages Most of the historical information was put forward in an interesting way but I just felt that the whole thing lacked something Perhaps a bit interaction with some local people was needed For the record, I don t know why Ms Evans chose to bypass Malaga as it s a beautiful city and has so much to offer.

  3. Mrs Janet P O'Neill Mrs Janet P O'Neill says:


  4. Mr A D Middleton Mr A D Middleton says:

    In my opinion it was about non cycling matters, including the tapas.

  5. Mike Bailey Mike Bailey says:

    I m not sure why this book garnered a few negative reviews I was born in England, and, like the author, spent a few years in Hong Kong 1994 2000 and have lived in Spain now for 4 years This is a lively entertaining book which pinpoints some of the loopy things about living here but also mentions a lot of the good ones She s a bit PC on corridas but each to their own I recommend it

  6. Phil Phil says:

    I liked this book It s easy to read, good natured and it did not have the same pompous air as some travel adventure books tend to have Polly s sojourns are interspersed with facts about Spain and it s history I particularly liked the meanderings through dodgy hotel rooms and eating places and Lois y Clark.

  7. adrian brown adrian brown says:

    i learn quites a bit about the moors, the multi country Spain is and the Spanish love of cycling I am not good at reading and i managed to finish this book I should say i am a cyclist and wound love to cycle around Spain This is light book for reading in bed at night I enjoyed it.

  8. C. J. Walker C. J. Walker says:

    I am reading this at the moment and really enjoying it,I cannot understand some peoples coments are you reaading the same book As a cyclist when I was younger I found the book very true,maps that show non existant roads,your legs feel as though they belong to someone else and the weather I felt as if I were there with Polly and I laughed at her jokes.She gives a brief history of the villages and towns she passes through and as a regular visitor to Spain she captures the feel perfectly.I will certainly be searching out of Polly s books,and those who say it s not well written I d call you book snobs.