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ITIL Practitioner Guidance Is The Essential Reference Text Which Accompanies The ITIL Practitioner Qualification Fully Integrated With The ITIL Practitioner Syllabus, This Publication Is Also A Practical Guide That Helps IT Service Management ITSM Professionals Turn ITIL Theory Into Practice Through Case Studies, Worksheets, Templates And Scenarios

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  1. odog502 odog502 says:

    ABOUT THE BOOK Since this is the definitive and currently only book for the newly created ITIL Practitioner certification, this book is essential for passing the exam All the material you need to know for the exam is covered in this book So this book gets points for being complete There are occasional illustrations and charts included to help understand the concepts, including a helpful appendix with related topics It can be a bit wordy at times, but I prefer too much information rather than too little.I bought it on Kindle for 54 It s not a great deal considering the size of the book, but I guess considering that it is the ONLY one on the market they could have taken me for So Ill say the price is OK.ABOUT THE EXAM THE BOOK PREPARES YOU FOR I passed the exam with 80% To prepare I read this book and took the two sample exams which are free downloadable PDFs I also have almost a decade of working in an organization that implements ITIL framework Axelos currently only hosts Sample Paper 2 on its website I did a search for Sample Paper 1 and found it on some other site These sample exams are pretty terrible as far as providing clearly worded questions That may be why they don t include SE1 any on their site, it was the worse of the two I found many of the questions on the sample papers to be ambiguous as far as how to interpret the correct answer In other words you can understand the content but still answer it wrong due to being unclear about what they are actually asking So what Im trying to say is that in addition to this book take both of the sample exams to be prepared for the ambiguity and read the explanations to the answers so that you will easily although not completely be able to decipher meanings to similar questions on the exam.

  2. RJTop RJTop says:

    Little bit pricey for the size of the book, but it has good material One note though, if you re going to take the test It is an open book test However, you can only bring an UNMARKED book So if you like to highlight and write in the margins, you either don t get to use your book or you ll have to buy borrow another one.

  3. Randall Nepsund Randall Nepsund says:

    Excellent compliment to ITIL Foundations The Practitioner course and Guide is well worth the investment of time and money since it puts the ITIL Framework into the context of Agile and Lean methodologies and the key human factors to account for in Organization Change Management Driving value for the customer using a process framed world view for IT as well as Business is an essential Those who took Foundations and are still not sure how to make concrete use of ITIL insights and realize benefits need to take this course.

  4. Robert Duval Robert Duval says:

    It follows the standard ITIL model I liked that it introduces skill sets and how to s for ITIL processes for any of the 5 ITIL areas It is something that is lacking in the ITIL modules Would recommend getting an overview of ITIL processes before using this text.

  5. Joel Pomales Joel Pomales says:

    This is essential to anyone that is either heavily involved in IT Service Management or has a passing interest in it It brings many needed and refreshing views to ITIL as a whole and it does change your perspective about it to a degree I do not lie when I say that some of the guidance here was sorely needed 8 or 10 years ago.It is a bit pricey, even the Kindle edition, but it is worth every penny And it is, of course, indispensable when going through the test.