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Im currently learning the language and this was the book that my teacher recommended that i get There are a few things that the book doesnt tell you but it is still a great way to help lean this complex language. Excellent item and eccellent conditions it has a very easy to follow lessons Still haven t tried the CD Good I ve got over ten books obsessive, i know books on Japanese grammar which i cross reference.This one, although doesn t feature kanagot one of most helpful and easy explanations concerning sentence patterns and conjugation for immediate verbal use.It s a good value and excellent book to kick start your learning process.Although it would be beneficial to see kana writing too, i think it is not essential note that a book title contains essential for very beginners who only want to try to engage and express themselves with to native speakers. Looks like new Extremely useful in studying Japanese The Berlitz Essential course is now available with an audio CD and bonus online activities at no extra cost This interactive course features twenty engaging lessons, along with regular review sections that allow you to monitor your progress The audio CD features native speakers to ensure correct pronunciation and the online activities allow you to practise and test yourself at your leisure I bought this a bit spontaneously because I had a gift voucher to spend at WHSmith and I always wanted to learn Japanese Here are some key things about this book It is all in Romaji aka no Japanese letters If you already know Kana then this book will be really annoying because you ll now doubt want to practise your newly learned letter system However, when I bought this I was completely new to the language so I didn t mind and was actually thankful to be learning a few basics without having to learn the alphabet first.The book is split into 20 lessons At the beginning of each lesson there is a little piece of dialogue which you can also listen to on the CD which I put on my ipod This is a nice way to get you interested in the lesson and get a grip of how to prounouciate cetrtain words The book then goes on the explain different elements of the conversation you just heard read including the particles used, verbs, sentence structure etc This seemed to be explained quite nicely and I had no problems understanding what I had learnt Then there is a vocabulary list with the key words from the lesson you are doing Finally there is a test yourself page with answers in the back of the book There is also a glossary at the back of the book.I got through about 3 lessons in this book and then decided it was time to learn Hiragana and Katakana I had read on the interent that learning Kana was essential if you were serious about learning the language After I learnt them I tried to return to the book but found that I could t because reading the Japanese words in Romaji felt like a step backwards.So basically this book is great for true beginners or people who only want to speak the language I think it was a nice introduction to Japanese but then again I only read 3 chapters so there is probably a better introduction somewhere out there. Essential Japanese is a suitable book for those just starting to learn the language The book contains English Japanese, and Japanese English Glossaries with page numbers beside each word Appendix listing all verbs used in book, in dictionary, masu, and te formExercises and conversation examples with audio cd in every lessonAnswer Key included in the back of the book Words are all written in ROMAJI The only explanation of kanji, hiragana, and katakana is in Appendix 2, which is only 3 pages So if you plan on writing in this language, get yourself a book, or books, on kana.While this book gives an adequate amount of vocabulary and exercises for a beginner , it is geared towards speaking, not writing.