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Aims to guide readers to a fluent use of the Japanese language Placing emphasis on language as spoken between educated adults, the integrated approach of the course increases speed of comprehension This volume expands vocabulary and structure to bring the student to the intermediate level In the ten years since its publication, Japanese for Busy People has won acceptance worldwide as an effective, easy to understand textbook, either for classroom use or for independent study In this new edition, numerous revisions and additions have been made, taking

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  1. flyinghyphen flyinghyphen says:

    Volume 1Text ISBN 4770018827Text Kana version ISBN 4770018974Cassette Tapes ISBN 4770018835Compact discs ISBN 4770019092Workbook ISBN 4770019076Workbook Cassette Tapes ISBN 4770017693Japanese Teacher s Manual ISBN 4770019068English Teacher s Manual ISBN 4770018886Volume 2Text ISBN 4770018843Text Kana version ISBN 4770020511Cassette Tapes ISBN 4770021364Compact discs ISBN 4770020376Workbook Cassette Tapes ISBN 4770021119Japanese Teacher s Manual ISBN 4770020368Volume 3Text ISBN 477001886XText Kana version ISBN 477002052XCompact discs ISBN 4770021372Workbook ISBN 4770023316Workbook Cassette Tapes ISBN 4770023588Japanese Teacher s Manual ISBN 4770023065

  2. Mark M Mark M says:

    This product comes in a double size CD case with 3 CD s a,b and c and a 2 page sleeve containing helpful info addressed to the student and to the teacher that emphasises the importance of learning the opening dialogues and following rythmn, pitch and intonation closely.Recordings are very clear as they are all studio recorded and are read by professional male and female native speakers at normal or just under normal speed.The CD s give hours of practice as each of the 20 lessons has recordings of their opening dialogues key sentences practice exercises and short dialogues.This is very comprehensive and therfore I think this product is invaluable and worth the extra cost as you can then practice reading and listening together I find I now get a lot exposure to the book as the tracks are played on my mp3 and in the car I also enjoy the added dimension of the CD s occasional ambient effects that help place some of the conversations in a coffe shop or elsewhere as given in the book.The only minor issue I had untill I got used to it was that the foreign characters voices continued to be voiced by the native Japanese speaking actors rather than foreign actors, which was initially distracting in native foreign character exchanges.The CD s then are well made and an important compliment to the book.

  3. S. Kelly S. Kelly says:

    This CD set allows you to hear the Japanese which is taught in Japanese for Busy People III and helps learners hear the Japanese phrases and grammar they re learning in each chapter Even though I live in Japan and hear the language every day the CDs are helpful because I can get the language repeated till I understand it.I like using the CDs better than the tapes as it s easier to study the lesson I m on without rewinding a tape and trying to get the right spot.

  4. L. Blackledge L. Blackledge says:

    I thought the JFBP III book came with this package, however it was only two audio CD s I am not completely through it, but most of it seems like listening practice, two Japanese speakers in a conversation.