download books Japanese in Mangaland: Basic to Intermediate Level (Japanese in Mangaland)Author Marc Bernabe –

A truly innovative and enjoyable way to learn Japanese based on mangaLike the original Japanese in MangaLand, the second volume in the series combines the phenomenal popularity of manga with language instruction to make learning Japanese easier and a lotfun than with traditional approaches Japanese in MangaLand Volhelps even beginning students master the basics of conversational Japanese with fifteen lessons including drills, the patterns of Japanese grammar andthankanji characters to assist in the learning process Eleven of these lessons cover such grammar topics as intransitive transitive verbs, particles, honorific expressions, and even dialects and proverbsThe four conversational lessons will prove invaluable to readers traveling to Japan by teaching them phrases and expressions to use at airports, hotels, shops and restaurants Another new feature in this second volume is the culture notes section, which provides insight into life in Japan today

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