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Some Thirty Years Ago Filmmaker Jean Luc Godard Told Critic Gene Youngblood, I Am Trying To Change The World He Has Pursued His Revolution In Works Ranging From The Explosive Breathless To The Eloquent Contempt To The Controversial Hail Mary And The Postmodern Histoire S Du Cin Ma, Shaking Up Conventional Formulas With Boldly Innovative Ap Proaches To Every Aspect Of Cinema And Video Including Film Criticism Via Provocative Essays In Cahiers Du Cin Ma And Interviews Dating To The Early Years Of His Career This Book Presents A Varied Selection Of His Conversations With Critics, Scholars, And Journalists, Spanning The S To The S And Illuminating Key Facets Of His Life, Work, And Ideas Topics Include The Seductiveness Of Cinema Films Are The Only Things By Which To Look Inside Of People, And That S Why People Are So Fond Of Movies And Why They Ll Never Die Film As A Blend Of Truth And Beauty I Mix Images And Sounds Like A Scientist, I Hope The Mystery Of The Scientific Is The Same As The Mystery Of The Artist So Is The Misery And The Personal Realities Of Aging Maybe It S That When You Get Old, In One Way You Feel Younger And Younger But Still Being Old Young Oldness, If I May Say So, Which Is Veryforting As Challenging And Evocative As They Are Quirky And Unpredictable, These Interviews Cast Light On Godard S Lifelong Position As A Proudly Unclassifiable Thinker Who Feels, As He Said In , That A Language Is Obviously Made To Cross Borders I M Someone Whose Real Country Is Language, And Whose Territory Is Movies David Sterritt Is An Associate Professor Of Film At Long Island University And Film Critic Of The Christian Science Monitor

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  1. F. A. Lage Filho F. A. Lage Filho says:

    Great compilation of interviews with the polemical JLG, film students and other filmmakers.Illuminates JLG s trains of thoughts and ideas he explored in many of his most famous movies.

  2. Emak Bakia Emak Bakia says:

    i can very simply sum up how i feel about this title one cannot possibly go wrong with the words straight from jean luc cinema godard s mouth made up of interviews with godard over the decades of his career, this book illuminates godard s various phases and his astounding ideas on cinema and art and life in general the man is an amazing artist, and if you are at all familiar with his films, you owe it to yourself to read some of what he has to say his insight into filmmaking and his personal output greatly increases any understanding of his cinematic works i recommend this book to any student of cinema, academic or just curious, or to anyone who has ever watched a godard film and still had many questions after the screen turned dark and of course, if you re a godard nut like myself, you should buy this right now and thank me later this is required reading for godard devotees.

  3. S. L. S. L. says:

    Along with GODARD ON GODARD, this book is a must have for any serious cinema affecionado The interviews with Jean Luc Godard are relevatory and thought provoking, and are essential to read alongside viewing his films It covers his work from his popular early mid sixties films through his video work in the eighties and back to his films of the nineties Highest recommendation.