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For the first time ever a comprehensive biography of one of the twentieth century s most innovative creative artists the incomparable, irreplaceable Jim Henson He was a gentle dreamer whose genial bearded visage was recognized around the world, but most people got to know him only through the iconic characters he created Kermit the Frog, Bert and Ernie, Miss Piggy, Big Bird The Muppets made Jim Henson a household name, but they were only part of his remarkable story This extraordinary biography written with the generous cooperation of the Henson family covers the full arc of Henson s all too brief life from his childhood in Leland, Mississippi, through the years of burgeoning fame in Washington DC New York, and London, to the decade of international celebrity that preceded his untimely death at age fifty three Drawing on hundreds of hours of new interviews with Jim Henson s family, friends, and closest collaborators, as well as unprecedented access to private family and company archives including never before seen interviews, business documents, and Henson s private letters Brian Jay Jones explores the creation of the Muppets, Henson s contributions to Sesame Street and Saturday Night Live, and his nearly ten year campaign to bring The Muppet Show to television Jones provides the imaginative context for Henson s non Muppet projects, including the richly imagined worlds of The Dark Crystal and Labyrinth as well as fascinating misfires like Henson s dream of opening an inflatable psychedelic nightclub or of staging an elaborate, all puppet Broadway show An uncommonly intimate portrait, Jim Henson captures all the facets of this American original the master craftsman who revolutionized the presentation of puppets on television, the savvy businessman whose deal making prowess won him a reputation as the new Walt Disney, and the creative team leader whose collaborative ethos earned him the undying loyalty of everyone who worked for him Here also is insight into Henson s intensely private personal life his Christian Science upbringing his love of fast cars, high stakes gambling, and expensive art and his weakness for women Though an optimist by nature, Henson was haunted by the notion that he would not have time to do all the things he wanted to do in life a fear that his heartbreaking final hours would prove all too well founded An up close look at the charmed life of a legend, Jim Henson gives the full measure to a man whose joyful genius transcended age, language, geography, and culture and continues to beguile audiences worldwide I m not a cryer at all, but this book had me weeping at the end The first couple chapters were a slog to get through, as there s a lot of family history and who married who and where they lived But that backstory really helps build the knowledge you need to get to know Jim and I was ugly crying after I finished this. Extenssima biografa sobre el creador de los Muppets y de Barrio Ssamo Interesar a todos aquellos que sean seguidores de su obra dado que explica sus orgenes, como es que lleg a usar marionetas y por qu haca las pelculas. I grew up with Sesame Street and the Muppets and Fraggles, with their music on the record player, always knowing Jim Henson was the gentle, bearded genius behind them, but not until recent years has it hit me what a huge impact the man has had on my life, not to mention the lives of millions worldwide Jones s biography delves deep into Jim s roots and so much obvious care was taken to handle the presentation of Jim s life with accuracy It was fabulous to read quote after quote from Jim s family, friends, and Muppet family about how Jim lived, and how much love and dedication he put into his work, and into making the world a better place with his own, truly unique stamp Of course, the end had me weeping, and wondering what other amazing things Jim might ve brought to life had his time not ended when it did, but of everything I took away from this book, what stands out most is the contagious inspiration in Jim s unapologetic optimism and wonder He was truly one of a kind, and Jones has done an incredible job with the interviews, research, chronology, and facts without getting bogged down in sentimentality or opinions And what s left is a picture of humanness, kindness, generosity, and determination Jim had to keep bringing his vision to life, regardless of what the critics or networks said Given that Jones managed to interview not just members of Jim s Muppet family, but also Jane Henson and their children, I don t believe there could exist a thorough and accurate depiction of Jim s life and work Grateful. Big Muppet Fan, Kermit is about my only voice impersonation party piece so bought this book as soon as I was aware of it.A brilliantly researched book, you can tell that the author really did get close to Family and friends to get a full picture of Jim Henson.For anyone who loved and still loves the Muppets a must read.