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A young man from a poor, working class background, passionate about education, who aspires to become a professor His teacher, a respected role model who turns out to have feet of clay An independent, free spirited woman Another who is scheming, selfish and flirtatious Dominating their lives is the magnificent university town of Christminster All these and a host of other colorful, memorable characters inhabit the pages of Thomas Hardy s monumental fourteenth novel published in Thomas Hardy s fame as a novelist rivals that of even Dickens in Victorian literature Creator of unforgettable novels like Far from the Madding Crowd, Tess of the d Ubervilles, Under the Greenwood Tree and the Mayor of Casterbridge, his essential humanity and the depth that he brings to his characters are what sets him apartA largely self taught man, he went on to become a skilled architect and restorer of old buildings His life long love of languages, music, country side life, languages and history emerges in most of his works

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  1. Sandra Sandra says:

    La storia di un a tanto profondo quanto particolarissimo , un romanzo nel quale la carnalit aggressiva della formosa e spregiudicata Arabella Dunn contrapposta alla delicata bellezza dell esile Susanna Sue Bridehead irrompono in tempi e circostanze diverse nella vita di Jude modificandogliene il corso sino al compimento fatale del suo destino Figure ben disegnate , alle quali si deve aggiungere quella del maestro Phillotson che cos tanta importanza viene ad assumere nel succedersi degli avvenimenti , diverse tra di loro ma tutte tali da imprimersi nella memoria , che danno vita ad una narrazione avvincente , a tratti molto cupa e dolorosa , ambientata in una regione inesistente Wessex nei primi del novecento Una storia dagli sviluppi certamente molto sconvenienti per la mentalit dei tempi , scritta con uno stile forbito ed elegante anche se , a mio giudizio , non tradotta altrettanto bene mi sono chiesto infatti se il mancato uso di congiuntivi in qualche punto sia solo un artificio voluto , che presenta pagine bellissime che fanno s che se ne possano perdonare altre un tantino pi pesanti e in parte ripetitive Un autore che desideravo conoscere dopo aver visto il bel film Via dalla pazza folla tratto dall omonimo romanzo e che non ha disatteso le mie aspettative neppur con questo.

  2. clarylovesbooks clarylovesbooks says:

    Jude the Oscure uno dei miei classici preferiti, e adoro le edizioni della Wordsworth Classics Sono super economiche, ma allo stesso tempo sono ben curate Ho trovato la prefazione molto utile e interessante

  3. Riccardo Moretti Riccardo Moretti says:

    Ho acquistato Jude the Obuscure in versione originale inglese un paio di settimane fa e ho iniziato a leggerlo Lo ammetto una lettura che richiede una certa concentrazione e un discreto livello di impegno, soprattutto per le persone come me che non sono veramente bilingue inglesi frasi lunghe e articolate, termini arcaici Tuttavia sta iniziando a darmi delle soddisfazioni, la storia intrigante e la descrizione dell ambientazione ricca di momenti suggestivi Da consigliare ad appassionati di letteratura inglese dotati di un buon livello linguistico.

  4. Francesco Francesco says:

    Libro arrivato con copertina posteriore ed alcune pagine rotte la copertina posteriore addirittura tagliata.Storia bella in generale per quanto riguarda il contenuto.Una stella soltanto per lo stato del libro.

  5. Miriam Miriam says:

    Prezzo imbattibile anche se dopo un po , come tutti i libri di questa collana, si usura facilmente.

  6. Ilaria Ilaria says:

    Spedizione puntuale, condizioni ottime L unica pecca il formato infatti un p troppo grande con molti spazi bianchi, sembra quasi un libro di scuola.

  7. Ivan Ivan says:

    alta professionalit e cortesia, molto veloci e disponibili Molto utile sia per divertimento ma anche come nel mio caso per lo studio.

  8. Ida M. Ida M. says:

    Thomas Hardy is quite something He goes on and on describing the settings, characters and events The choice of his words is just breath taking it s unbelievable how someone can use that many words to describe.As a teacher, I think his books should regularly be used in secondary schools to teach students how to create imagery.A note of warning, though Hardy wrote in the 19th century and some of the words he uses should be checked up in a dictionary.Reading Thomas Hardy reminded me how beautiful English language is.

  9. Bernard O'Leary Bernard O'Leary says:

    He was the sort of man who was born to ache a good deal before the fall of the curtain upon his unnecessary life should signify that all was well with him again.In this age of diversity and equal representation, I have heard people dismiss Hardy as just another dead white dude who doesn t have anything to say to us That s quite sad, because Jude is one of the great novels of exclusion, a gutwrenching tale of a human being who is refused entry to the elite simply because he was born in the wrong circumstances Even here in the 21st century, this book has a lot to say about power structures in society, and how a humble human life can be ground to dust if it finds itself on the outside, or dares to transgress the conventions of the day Jude is one of the great achievements of Western literature and remains as urgent and moving today as it was in Hardy s time.

  10. Rosie Rosie says:

    Book Club choice Have read it before many moons ago but had forgotten how wonderful it was It is a fantastic read I have loved it from beginning to end I was disappointed that it was the Christmas read as it were but it has just been a great read

  11. Jl Adcock Jl Adcock says:

    Arguably Hardy s bleakest and most controversial novel, Jude The Obscure covers a range of themes that readers would no doubt have found difficult to face at the time it was first published Jude and his cousin Sue are outsiders in terms of their behaviour and aspirations He is a frustrated scholar, shunned by the academic institutions he craves to enter, she a flighty, manipulative character who plunges them both into ultimate despair and ruin.The book feels inevitably dated in the topics it covers and the style of writing, but Hardy is excellent at screwing down the atmosphere of the book as the saddest of stories unfolds Jude and Sue move in ever decreasing circles of opportunity and acceptance, and you just know it s all going to end badly for all concerned.Perhaps one frustration with the book is the closed nature of it with few characters really being fleshed out as the book unfolds and develops over a number of years But the unforgiving and judgemental nature of rural and urban society is explored well the harshness of lives lived in the landscape of Hardy s Wessex is vividly depicted, and although very much a slow burning and often melodramatic read, the book lodges itself into the memory.The free Kindle version is essentially free from too many annyoing formatting errors the opportunity to read this and other Hardy classics for nothing is both remarkable and to be recommended.

  12. Pedro Pedro says:

    I have read most of Hardy s novels and found them engrossing, educational and thoroughly enjoyable His detailed but lyrical descriptions transport me to a bygone era and draw me into his books However, Jude the Obscure failed on almost every count It lacked the detailed descriptions of his other novels, the story was in my opinion just plain silly and the endless dialogue at times almost impossible to follow In the book s favour, it did give an interesting window onto the prejudices and behaviour of provincial late Victorian England I finished reading the book feeling unfulfilled and deeply depressed What happened to Hardy here It was his last book had he lost the plot at that stage in his life.

  13. Pyewacket Pyewacket says:

    Jude Fawley has aspirations to enter into University at the town of Christminster and to this end, his old school teacher Mr Phillotson gives him some old copies of Latin tracts to set him on his way to higher education Jude s plans though to advance himself are thwarted by a scheming girl called Arabella and thinking him a good catch she finally gets Jude to marry her by telling him that she is pregnant Of course it all comes out in the end that she has lied and they split up..she going to Australia and Jude going back to his old trade of being a Stone Mason until he can save up enough money to educate himself.His cousin Sue lives in Christminster and for the century this book was written in, she is a very emancipated young lady Jude meets her and they fall in love So once again his plans to enter University are thwarted There are weddings and divorces and then divorces and weddings again but neither state brings happiness to either Sue or Jude.To cut a long story short and not to cause any spoilers for other would be readers them not marrying ends in tragedy for 4 young lives One of whom is a child of Arabella s and Judes.Jude has now given up the idea of entering University and at last re marries Arabella whilst Sue re marries her ex husband.I could have shaken the pair of their heads together for loving each other so well but never marryingby this, I refer to Jude and Sue.This is a sad book full of aspirations and hopes that are never fulfilled but for all of that, it is a cracking good read Thomas Hardy certainly knew how to tell a story.

  14. Jason Mills Jason Mills says:

    Around the end of the nineteenth century we find Jude, a country boy growing into a thoughtful man, unremarkable in his origins and untypically restless He aims to become a scholar in the university city of Christminster, but is waylaid by an ill judged and ill fated marriage, and then by a truer love that is no less problematic.This is a dismal tale of nature and aspiration thwarted by society Jude s lofty reading is no passport for one of humble birth, and it is only as a stonemason that he can approach Christminster s forbidding yet picturesque walls They had done nothing but wait, and had become poetical How easy to the smallest building how impossible to most men His next hope is that in Sue, his cousin of liberal views, he might find a soulmate and intellectual companion But their regrettable marriages and the intractable opinions of the world drag them inexorably apart their fierce love cannot hold them together on the diverging railtracks laid down by conventional morality.Even with that indispensable love, there is little cheer in this story Indeed, there are notable episodes that remain disturbingly dark a century after it was written A schoolroom brawl contains the novel s only approach to humour, so make the most of it a churchwarden was dealt such a topper with the map of Palestine that his head went right through Samaria Jude and Sue are, in their different ways, crushed by social convention as if by falling masonry Neither academia, nor marriage, nor religion will accept them as they are The benefits of civilisation to the ordinary man are questionable at best in Hardy s gloomfest, and we can only hope that his writing is less wise than it appears

  15. H B H B says:

    Jude the obscure is a very amusing book in spite of some interludes that verged on sentimentality The book is an attack on conventions in general and marriage in particular in fiction form The love relationship between Jude and Sue is a most obscure one between a man and a woman who as described are in the story are almost one and the same person.Hardy also stares in the eye of Victorian hypocritical morality and conspicuous sense of piety throughout the story by showing that when the couple is happy, society looks down in indignation, and the only way to regain social approval and acceptance is by personal misery and suffrance in unwanted marriages.Towards the end of the story Jude tells Sue in a final attempt to escape there misery that both of them have been tricked into their marriages him being made drunk on gin and she on creed.Another attacked convention in the book is how high education is exclusive to the rich whilest self taught people like Jude, Sue and Phillotson spend their lives reading and never manage to get anywhere above a low ceiling set upon them by society Christminister stands for Jude s ethereal dream of a university degree all the way to the end.