{Read Online} Just Ride: Racing 2,725 Miles to MexicoAuthor Ty Hopkins – Bilb-weil.de

A brilliant account of an incredible ride Very well written, with loads of supporting information. This is both a great book about racing the Tour Divide AND a seriously good read Mr Hopkins let the reader into a lot of the harder aspects of the ride than usual severe gastric distress, metal breakdowns, and the like as well as the strategies he tried and sometimes failed to implement to combat them As an exercise scientist, he also provides a great look at the mechanisms behind many of the adaptations and breakdowns Really an excellent piece of work, and a pleasure to read. This is a good book for someone who likes reading about non fiction experiences and I would especially recommend this book for anyone who has ridden or has interest in riding the Tour Divide I enjoy short, fairly easy bike rides, but I liked reading about Hopkins s ride The writing is simple and the chapters are short, but that s all I needed to appreciate the adventure.One big plus for this book is that it comes with an appendix that includes details on Hopkins s equipment, his diet, and the effect the ride had on his overall health As a professional scientist, the ride was than a goal, it was also an experiment Admittedly, I just skimmed the appendix, but for someone else with that interest, I believe the information would be very beneficial and interesting I did buy the book for my husband who would like to do this race someday, but I got my hands on it first. May be by people familiar with cycling and endurance events That said the story is riveting Ty is able to tel a story of what had to have been a mind numbing trip into an interesting read.The pain and struggle will have you shuddering in a few places.The summary of the scientific analysis at the end of the book was interesting although not the highlight.Hard people doing hard things Great story This is an interesting account of the rider Ty taking on an ultra endurance bike race and how he had to deal with all sorts of challenges then focused his thoughts to overcome extreme physical, mental, and emotional challenges and push on when the human body is over its limit and begs to quit Also the gastronial intestintianal issues were pretty funny. I really enjoyed this bookwhat an experience, I enjoyed reading of his personal struggle in both his legs, butt, and head I think I would have enjoyed it if I had followed along on a real map rather than the scribble line at the front of each chapter Congrats on this achievement The Tour Divide, A , Mile Mountain Bike Race Along The Continental Divide From Banff, Alberta, Canada, To The Mexican Border Crossing At Antelope Wells, New Mexico, Demanded Will Breaking Efforts Day After Day, But The Race Also Returned Brief Moments Of Euphoria Most Of The Time The Race Felt Impossible, And I Loved It Just Ride Is An Adventure Story Of The Tour Divide The Book Details The Resilience And Amazing Adaptability Of The Human Body And Mind, And It Gives A Realistic And Often Raw Account Of The Physical And Mental Toll Required To Finish The Race In Less Than Days The Route, The Conditions, The Gear, The Strategy, The Training, The Mental Struggles, The Embarrassing Moments, And The Physical Battle Are All Described Throughout A Story That Offers A Genuine Look Into What Was Experienced And Felt Throughout The Ultimate Test Of Mountain Bike Endurance In Addition, Just Ride Summarizes Data That Was Collected Before, During, And Following The Race The Huge Amount Of Collected Data Tell A Story Of How The Body Broke Down And How It Remarkably Adapted To The , Mile Ordeal The Book Also Details How The Mind Was Central To Creating And Breaking Down The Barriers That Impeded Progress Each Day