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These books are well written, beautifully presented and a perfect length We preferred Katie in London , but this a genuinely lovely childrens book. bought this for our 5 year old and she really enjoyed it although i thought she may not Has asked for other books in the series. A gift A good book to start young children to begin to appreciate and be interested in serious art Why not I bought this book to use with KeyStage 1 pupils A trip out of class to see the size, texture and colour of these paintings will be the icing on the cake inspiring. Excellent story and good for familiarising children with great paintings We have the whole series Every Child should have a copy Very inspiring for my young children who were so pleased to find some of the actual paintings hanging at the National Gallery They remember these pictures now A great introduction to Britishart, for adults also lovely books, such great quality Just what I ordered My daughter loves it Thank you. The children were really absorbed by the very subtle characters moving out of the gallery paintings A very informative book too about the English painters I ordered the copy for a school where I had used a library copy for a practical interview.Children loved it. Join Katie as she steps into some of the most famous paintings in the world for an exciting art adventure Katie can t decide what she wants to be when she grows up Perhaps a trip to the gallery will be an inspiration, as the characters in five famous paintings come to life Will she be an explorer, a train driver, a horse rider or an artist A wonderful way to engage children with art A brilliant combination of education and storytelling Parents in TouchKatie s Picture Show This art adventure features five famous British paintings The Cornfield by Constable , Rain, Steam and Speed and The Fighting Temeraire by Turner, Whistlejacket by Stubbs, and The Painter s Daughters Chasing a Butterfly by GainsboroughClassic picture book character, Katie, has been delighting children for overyears Why not collect alltitles in the series Katie s Picture ShowKatie and the ImpressionistsKatie and the Mona LisaKatie and the SunflowersKatie and the Waterlily PondKatie and the Starry NightKatie and the Spanish PrincessKatie and the BathersKatie in LondonKatie s London ChristmasKatie in ScotlandKatie and the Dinosaurs