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Text only This product does not include a MyFireKit Access Code Card To purchase the text with a MyFireKit Access Code Card, please use ISBN Taking the reader from the beginning stages of a fire investigation in evidence collection and evaluating a fire scene to the end stages of report writing and giving testimony, internationally recognized forensic scientist John DeHaan is joined by forensic fire engineering expert David Icove for the th edition of Kirk s Fire Investigation The model curriculum of the Fire Emergency Service Higher Education FESHE group serves as a basis for this important text which provides updated and expanded information on fire dynamics, ignition as well as brand new case examples With appendices unique in content and focus including an Evidence Collection Kit and Incident Report Forms, this text serves as the keystone text in the field for both seasoned fire investigators as well as fire service professionals seeking the fundamentals and the most up to date information for the field of fire investigationAs fire investigation continues to evolve, author John DeHaan, a forensic scientist with extensive experience in all phases of fire and explosion, is joined by recognized forensic fire engineering expert David Icove for the th edition of Kirk s Fire Investigation, the leading and most widely read textbook in the field of fire investigation With today s investigators being held to higher standards than ever before, this text, written to the FESHE curriculum, details the need to know investigation skills and includes special topics such as lab analysis, fire deaths, and explosions while offering correlation to both the NFPAandguidelines Presenting new case examples, updated chapters with Key Terms and Review Questions, color photographs, as well as reorganized appendices and a robust supplements package in MyFireKit for both students and instructors, this adventurous new edition is written to improve the skills of all investigators and help them find the right answers for the right reasonsFeatures Include Up to Date information meeting the FESHE guidelines for Fire Investigation A comprehensive approach for all fire investigators and fire professionals interested in honing their investigative skills from collecting evidence to writing reports Accompanying appendices with Incident Report Forms, a current list of Explosive Materials, and a unique Evidence Collection Kit Fully updated with the latest investigative techniques, new technology, specialized incidents and current scientific trends Newcolor Brady Fire Series Design Introduction, Key Terms, and End of Chapter Review Questions throughout to reinforce learning and retention New MyFireKit solution offering unique book specific online resources for both students and instructors in a user friendly format, including review questions, games, animations and video clips for the student and Instructor s Manual, PowerPoint, Online Courseware and Test Banks for the instructorVisit bradybooks for Other Titles of Interest Icove DeHaan, Forensic Fire Scene Reconstruction nd Ed Gorbett Pharr, Fire Dynamics Meyer, Chemistry of Hazardous Materials th Ed Crawford, Fire Prevention A Comprehensive Approach Smith, Strategic and Tactical Considerations on the Fireground nd Ed