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Her Stepmother Seems Like A Big Problem Until A Corset AttacksWhen Her Fathers New Wife Makes Life Unbearable, Alma Plans To Escape By Marrying Well A Diplomatic Ball Is The Perfect Place To Charm A Nobleman, But Disaster Strikes When A Magical Corset Tries To Kill HerWhile Shes Dancing With The PrinceAlmas Search For Answers Only Raises Questions Why Does Someone Want Her Dead Who Is Sabotaging Peace With An Enemy Nation What Are Prince Lorenzos True Intentions Toward Her The She Learns, The She Questions The Life She Always Wanted Can Alma Overcome Curses And Conspiracies To Find Her Place In Castana Or Does Her Destiny Lie Somewhere Beyond Her Country Lady Alma Is A Novel About Facing Change And Finding Your Own Path If You Like Magic, Mystery, And Strong Female Characters, Youll Love This BookAuthors NoteLady Alma Is A Prequel To Rook And Shadow, But It Can Be Enjoyed As A Stand Alone Novel While The Books Are Loosely Connected, Each Features A Complete Story With A Different Heroine

4 thoughts on “Lady Alma (Salarian Chronicles Book 2) (English Edition)

  1. Sistwin Sistwin says:

    A G Marshall s Lady Alma is a wonderful story of magic, mystery, intrigue and romance It is book two in the Salarian series but is really the story of how Lady Alma got to Salaria in the first place.Alma is the beautiful daughter of a very rich merchant but has resisted learning magic all her life so she can marry into the aristocracy and become a lady Magic is used widely by the working class and merchants but in order to keep the balance of power, cannot but used by the Lords and Ladies of the land.Alma s widower father surprises her by marrying a Lady who lives in the garden district She raises the roses that are used for making the coveted Rosas Rojas and according to Alma, has no idea how to act like an aristocrat Events take place that convince Alma that her step mother is trying, if not to kill her, at least to ruin her by forcing her to learn magic to do laundry But Alma is determined that she will be able to marry well and when the prince seems enad with her at a ball, strengthens her resolve to not to learn magic She is the bell of the ball and receives multiple Rosa Rojas including one from the PRINCE As she dances with the prince, her magical corset tries to kill her and someone uses magic to break it and saves her life She is confused and humiliated as she leaves the ballroom with her dress in tatters Was the magic trying to kill her or harm the prince Or is it an attack from the visiting enemy Salarians, trying to make an excuse for war rather than the peace they say they came to try to find.Lady Alma had many interesting plot twists and turns and excellent writing style that I enjoy A G Marshall has done it again in delivering a well written original story

  2. Whitney Edwards Whitney Edwards says:

    Author A G Marshall does a fantastic job of weaving the places and people from Rook and Shadow into this second Salarian book I enjoyed learning Lady Alma s backstory and how she won the most Rosas Rojas at the ball The book captured my attention and I stayed up until 1 a.m to find out how it ended.

  3. Musical Baker Musical Baker says:

    This didn t turn out the way I expected, but it was nice to be surprised I hope we hear about Lady Alma

  4. Kindle Customer Kindle Customer says:

    I loved this sequel to Rook Shadow, and learning the background of such an interesting character from the first book.