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Lady Liberty A Biography is just what it says, the story of the Lady from the time that she was first conceived, up to her completion and beyond, in the experiences of those that first saw her upon their arrival in the United States.We start with Edouard de Laboulaye, a French professor of law in 1865, through the work of the sculptor Auguste Bartholdi, the engineer Gustave Eiffel, the poet Emma Lazarus and a number Some are very famous and some are surely unknown to us, but moving nevertheless Those that dug the holes and those that gave their penniesand their chickensto see her completed The story is told from the view point of 10 individuals who were involved with the Lady s construction, most stories spanning a two page spread, the text written in a narrow column, almost like poetry, and the rest taken up by the very beautiful illustrations of Matt Tavares.A wonderful introduction to the Statue of Liberty for kidsbut you adults will enjoy it as well, I promise. Love the text I have a grandson obsessed with The Statue of Liberty We love this book I have read it to my class as well and they loved it. Fantastic book Thus will be a splendid addition to my future classroom s library. Tributes To The Statue Of Liberty Abound, But This Stands Out For Its Unusual Approach And Powerful Illustrations Kirkus Reviews Starred Review It Begins In As A Romantic Idea, But Ten Years Later Douard Laboulayes Dream Catches Fire Sculptor Auguste Bartholdi Gives The Dream The Form Of A Lady, Holding A Torch To Enlighten The World Engineers, Plasterers, Carpenters, And Coppersmiths Work Together To Turn The Lady Into A Monument Than Feet Tall Joseph Pulitzer Calls On Readers To Help Fund A Pedestal, And Hundreds Send In Nickels, Dimes, And Even Roosters For The Cause Doreen Rappaports Poetic Vignettes And Matt Tavaress Magnificent Images Remind Us Of The Origins Of A National Symbol And Show That It Took A Lot Of People To Make The Lady Back Matter Includes Statue Dimensions, A Time Line, An Author Note, An Illustrator Note, Sources, And Suggestions For Further Reading Through lush illustrations and poems that are both informational and touching, the story of Lady Liberty unfolds The design of the gift, it s infamous welcome, its journey and impact on new arrivals to America are portrayed in double page spreads via this picture book.What a wonderful addition to a classroom setting for any age, and a lovely welcome to the US gift.