Best Langenscheidt New Standard Turkish Dictionary: Turkish-English & English-Turkish (Langenscheidt Dictionaries)Author Resuhi Akdikmen –

As described. I wanted a dictionary like this because I fell in love with the Turkish language and so when I was learning English and French it only made sense to have a dictionary in Turkish just to know the clear definition of each word and so here we are, this dictionary has been amazing and very very helpful and I definitely recommend it to anyone who is interested in learning Turkish. i bought lots of learn turkish books, hence i m trying to learn turkish none of them is ever easy to understand as you re still learning the langenscheidt is one of the best all you need is patience the book is easy to handle and understand. My copy is an earler edition but it is the most useless dictionary, in any language, that I have come across Many common words are absent and it is not even internally coherent words in Turkish to English do not appear in the English Turkish entries and vice versa By far the best dictionary I came across was the Red House compact not at present available on It it superb, albeit a bit bulky A good test for dictionaries is to check up rude words, even though you might have no intention of using them if they are in then it is probably comprehensive The Red House has them all yes even those Langenscheidt doesn t even stretch to Pooh. The leading classroom reference, and the favourite of students and teachers in high schools and colleges Comprehensive and authoritative, this new edition of the Standard Turkish Dictionary contains thousands of entries, full pronunciation, colloquialisms, neologisms, and A wealth of entries in a compact sizeClear, simple, and easy to use layoutFull pronunciation and parts of speechIdiomatic expressionsSpecialist terms from many different fieldsFlexible, durable, vinyl cover I noticed it doesn t have every word in it that I ve been looking for but I do like the moisture proof cover If anything it s a stylish modern coaster and I like that it s about 3 thick so it must be useful Not at all pocket sized so I did expect it to be complete and it s the New Standard version so I expected a bit but it s perhaps almost complete Online translators had the words that were missing so maybe this versions is abridged I ll have to have it inspected by my Turkish friends before I can give it 5 stars. Good product much comprehensive than most in translating from english to turkish, with many common and not as common english words to look up the blue color of words to be looked up makes the translating much faster and less frustrating