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Two men afraid to feel, have to make choices that could end up breaking down their defenses and leading them back to loveEvery time Max Van Hellren steps on the ice he knows it could be his last time At thirty hes past his hockey prime but hes also hiding a life threatening injury that private doctors warn could kill him This is his last season, and theres a chance he could lift the Stanley Cup after fourteen years in the NHL He just needs to stay safe and healthy difficult when hes known for his heavy hitting and with a propensity for dropping the gloves and putting his body in the way of pucks to keep his team safeA one night stand with a sexy man was just what he needed, dangerous and hot, but what if it turned into Would he actually have to share the secrets he so desperately tries to hide Ben Worthington had it all A fulfilling job running the CrossRoads Shelter, his loving aunts, and a husband that understood his devotion to animals Then, the love of his life left him, succumbing so quickly to an unexpected sickness that Ben never had time to say goodbye The violent loss scarred himUnable to move past his fears, he moves from lonely encounter to lonely encounter, slaking a desperate need that is eating away at him, but never making a connection that could lead him back into love One night with Max makes him want , but will giving into the temptation open the door to feelings he cant contain Can these two broken men ever find a way to be together Word Count , I was given an ARC to review but bought the final version anyway because I love this series.When I finished, I immediately wanted to know what happens next for Max and Ben Max s and Ben s journeys are challenging, since Max s secret plays straight into Ben s fears but it is wonderful to see them work it out I m hoping they keep up with the Railers socially so that we see them in the next book.One caveat since Ben isn t associated with the Railers, there is less hockey and especially less team behind the scenes than in previous books All the other couples make at least brief appearances, though Erik in passing, as well as Trent s Lola but no Noah The story continues the team s own story arc so I m curious to see if the next book is the off season or if we re into next season.I actually live in Harrisburg so I probably get a bit too invested in trying to figure out the geography of fictional Harrisburg Maybe in the next book I ll finally figure out where the arena is. Loved Max and Ben, their characters are sweet but feisty with great chemistry between them I really liked that Max had to work really hard for Ben s attention Of course there is a bad guy to add to the angst.I would say that this story is a slow build sweet sexy romance with a HEA. Always enjoy this author s stories Very likeable characters all round ice hockey and an animal shelter HEA with those ingredients what s not to like The MC s in this series a re all well defined and great to read.