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To Achieve An Olympic Gold Is Impressive To Be Part Of A Couple Doing This In The Same Sport Is Rare To Do It Times Between You Is Unprecedented Britain S Most Successful Female And Male Olympians Give Us The Inside Track On Becoming A Champion Hear Their Take On How They Became The Best In The World While Finding In Each Other The Perfect Partner

8 thoughts on “Laura Trott and Jason Kenny

  1. JoanieC JoanieC says:

    I was keen to read this autobiography as Laura Trott and Jason Kenny always come across as a thoroughly nice ordinary couple who love cycling When I started reading I hoped it would touch on their personal lives as well as cycling and I wasn t disappointed I was particularly interested in reading about Laura as she lived in Cheshunt and also attended the secondary school where I was a secretary for many years What a pity I left the year before Laura started as I would have liked to have got to know her I really enjoyed reading this book which opened my eyes to many aspects of competitive cycling and can wholeheartedly recommend it.

  2. savesu.co.uk Customer savesu.co.uk Customer says:

    Really good book Seemed to focus on the sports and side of things development of them getting into the sport than the romance side of things Really well written with an equal balance between the couple Really good read for those getting started in track cycling and sport in general Interesting to understand the different approaches to high pressure environments Loved that it was a hardback Definitely value for money.

  3. B. G. Hughes B. G. Hughes says:

    Like, why were there no cyclists at the Olympic opening ceremonies Or why the finest cycle racers in the world sometimes fail to shine at World Championships.Jason and Laura Kenny have written this book with honesty and offering fascinating insight into the sport and their private lives It is especially fun to re watch the Olympic races after reading the personal memories of them.Great book

  4. MH1986 MH1986 says:

    This is a great book I had bee looking to buy it for a while but then found it really cheap via other sellers I think it was 3 It really does surprise you at how much they have to go through physically in order for their body s to perform that way It s a good read for anyone interested in cycling or jut these 2 as a pair It s also quite easy to follow as they are both speaking throughout the book A free Sample is a great way to see what it s like If definitely recommend buying from the other seller and getting a second hand one as the condition was as good as new for less than half the price

  5. KarenB KarenB says:

    Fascinating insight into the lives of two ordinary people who just happen to be extraordinary athletes I really enjoyed finding out how they trained, how they approached the major competitions and how their relationship developed and enhanced their professional lives Told with honesty and humour, I thought this was a great read

  6. Janey C Janey C says:

    Loved this book even though I have no interest in cycling, in fact I can t even ride a bike Great insight into the sheer hard work and discipline required to be a top athlete but most of all I just loved Laura and Jason.

  7. Stazyblue Stazyblue says:

    Lovely gift for cycling fans, lovely book and being a hardback is a lovely touch.Came very quickly and a good price.

  8. Martin Corner Martin Corner says:

    I couldn t put it down, it was witty, informative and inspirational to read about their lives on and off the track Especially where it is written from both their views If you re interested in cycling at all you ll probably really enjoy this book.