Read kindle Law for Architects: What You Need to Know By Robert F. Herrmann –

Law for Architects What You Need to Know guides design professionals through the daunting landscape where design and construction meet the legal system It provides an introduction written in clear, reader friendly language to issues that arise at every stage in the practice of architecture For architects starting or building their own practice Why do I need a written agreement with my clients Why do I need insurance How do I organize my firm For seasoned architects considering retirement How do I transfer ownership in my company How can I benefit from the good will I helped to build For students who want to learnabout the practicalities of starting out Why is it important to have a license Isn t it enough to have a degree in architecture What are my rights as an employee It also addresses the perennial questions that concern architects How do I protect myself from being sued How do I protect my intellectual property rights in my work and muchLaw for Architects identifies the legal issues that lurk in every corner of your design practice and helps you figure out what questions you need to ask