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UPS Is A Household Name And One Of The Most Highly Regarded American Corporations By Customers And Investors Alike Who Hasn T Been Delighted By A Right On Time Delivery, One Of The Million UPS Makes Every Day Founded Over Years Ago, UPS Has Moved Steadily Up The Fortune As So Many Other Corporations Have Dropped Off So What S The Company S Secret Just Ask A Driver Ron Wallace Was A UPS Driver For Six Years Before He Rose Through The Ranks To Become President Of UPS International In Other Companies That Might Be Extraordinary, But For UPS It S Par For The Course UPS Has A Unique People Culture It S Like A Family Package Loaders Call Executives By Their First Names And Vice Versa The Company Almost Always Promotes From Within Lifetime Employment Is Common Most Employees Own UPS Stock Wallace Credits This Spirit Of We, Not Me With The Company S Success And His Own As He Puts It, Working At UPS Gave Him A PhD In Teamwork Instead Of Writing A Typical Business Memoir That Celebrates The Leader As Celebrity, Wallace Shares Vivid Stories That Focus On The People He Worked With, The Challenges They Overcame, And The Simple Principles And Practices That Make Up The UPS Way He Exhorts His Fellow Leaders To Grow Their People, Not Just Their Business Plans The Leadership Style Described In This Book Is Simple And Direct And It Works The Straightforward And Easy To Understand Lessons Provide A Blueprint For An Individual Or Company To Build On Past Successes And Adapt To Future Challenges This Is A Must Listen For Anyone Aspiring To Become A Great Leader

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    The management team at UPS, including the CEO and management committee, started as drivers, part time loaders, car washers, and clerks Ron Wallace writes, We promote from within to ensure that the company can pass on our legacy and culture seamlessly from one generation to the next In 1966, Ron Wallace was hired to be a UPS delivery driver He would then move up the corporate ladder occupying many leadership roles He was the head of UPS North German district for six years and then president of UPS Canada for three years and then President of UPS International before retiring in 2002 88% of the companies on the Fortune 500 list in 1955 are now dead and buried So how can a company that traces its roots back to 1907 still be going strong today In Leadership Lessons from a UPS Driver, Ron Wallace goes into detail on why UPS has succeeded for 100 years As Wallace would say, it s because they have a culture of we, not me.UPS culture was driven by its founder Jim Casey In 1929, Jim Casey, added to the company policy book that UPS people would always be addressed by their first name Casey was known for knowing all of the employees first names down to those that washed trucks He had genuine interest in people whenever he met someone, he wanted to hear their stories and ideas on making the company better He would never rush a conversation and would give the person his full undivided attention Former UPS CEO George Smith said that Jim Casey taught him that great leadership is made up of just four basic things To TeachTo CoachTo be TaughtTo LearnIn the book, Ron Wallace goes on to give his experiences and lessons learned at UPS There are so many nuggets of wisdom towards building a sustainable culture and cultivating the X Factor that it s much easier if you just read the book It s a fun, educational, quick read at less than 140 pages, and you won t be disappointed.

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    I grew up at UPS Started as a part time unloader while in college and ended my career there as a center manager You never really leave UPS As Ron points out, there is such a thing as bleeding brown I have since gone on to a satisfying career in leadership development I have been blessed to work with some of the greats in that field, and had access to cutting edge research on leadership But nothing has taught me about leadership than my days working at UPS Ron captures it perfectly More than just a great story on how we built leaders at UPS, it is a how to manual with a great study guide at the end Because at UPS, it only matters when it is executed Thanks Ron

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    Ron has written a handbook for all people who manage and lead others I was also a career UPS er, and Ron has concisely captured the lessons we were all taught at UPS about how to lead others and achieve goals that consistently met or exceeded expectations It was enjoyable to read his anecdotes and remember how determined people, working together, can accomplish anything.The leadership lessons Ron describes go far beyond UPS, and apply to just about any endeavor one might undertake For me, not a day goes by, that the lessons Ron recounts from UPS don t find their way into something I m doing that day Over the years, I tried to teach my kids many of the leadership and problem solving approaches described in this book, to help them grow and become successful in school and professionally In fact, after reading the book, and getting re charged about how common sense yet effective these tools are, I am sending each of them a copy of the book to help refresh their memories and give them a reference manual that can serve them in their day to day lives.

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    Ron is the real deal and he delivers This little book of 136 pages is chock full of powerful and actionable information than books twice or three times the size It s also such a fun, engaging read that you ll need to throttle yourself down so you can focus on every single word and chapter.I d rate this in the top 2 profoundly helpful business books that I ve read in my 50 years 30 of those in business If you want to start, run or grow a business or simply improve your leadership skills, 1 read Leadership Lessons from a UPS Driver by Ron Wallace and 2 read Guerrilla Marketing by Jay Conrad Levinson, then go out and take on the world.I ve just bought copies for my team to study, and as a gift for several clients it s THAT good.Thanks Ron and Group One Team M

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    Leadership Lessons is the best read for both managers and those who aspire to be managers This book will definitely prevent managers from experiencing costly trial and error situations My managerial days have passed, as I retired several years ago I worked for UPS in Sacramento and left the company for military service 52 years ago The experience with Brown assisted me to become a leader in logistics for the Air Force If the information in Ron s book was available years ago it would have saved me many sleepless nights during my 37 years military career I am honored to have met Ron Wallace, not knowing at the time he was a senior official for UPS I have recommended his books to people I know and meet daily in my community Jesse Roberts, Carson City, NV