Prime Learned Pigs and Fireproof WomenAuthor Ricky Jay –

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15 thoughts on “Learned Pigs and Fireproof Women

  1. FrankEaring FrankEaring says:

    This is a great book for anybody interested in peering behind the curtain of circus and vaudeville Written by the magician Ricky Jay, this book is full of weird and fascinating characters, animals and people born with strange powers and talents, overcoming incredible disabilities to earn a living and carve themselves a niche in the pantheon of showbiz oddities and greats Well written although the nature of such a book dictates that it can sometimes bog down in details and dates and filled with pictures, posters, handbills and illustrations My copy was second hand from library stock and so came in perfect condition wrapped in a thick plastic dust cover I m sure this book is out of print, but there seemed to be many copies available Get it now and stash it away for your kids to read and see what people did before Facebook.

  2. J Risner J Risner says:

    Ricky Jay is fascinated not just with sleight of hand and magic, but with the history of the art form The story of Matthias Buchinger left me wanting But alas there probably is no , as clearly Ricky Jay loved and respected his subject If there way he would have found it.The artwork and drawings are excellent, as is the paper and quality of the printing.

  3. yajaru yajaru says:

    I have always had an interest in human oddities and exceptionalism I purchased this book after reading elsewhere about Matthew Buchinger, who was born without arms or legs yet could write, draw, bowl, play musical instruments and and usually better than a person with no limitations This book details his fascinating story and those of many others with amazing and unusual skills.I found it fascinating If you have any interest in the odd and unusual as well as exceptional human and animal abilities you will enjoy every page of this book

  4. Janis Ian Janis Ian says:

    I m one of those gullible people who doesn t want to know HOW it works I just want to watch it work Bought this on the advice of several magician friends, and was not disappointed A wonderful, fun book, well written, and even informative.

  5. Sally Thomas Sally Thomas says:

    This is a very fun book to read, and also informative if you are interested in quirky historical facts I purchased this copy as a gift for my grandson, who can truly appreciate smart, dedicated pigs and other such traveling circus oddities They were a product of the era, and it is entertaining and interesting to learn this little bit of history.

  6. Honey Honey says:

    Purchased a gift for son in law, his choice and pleased to receive the book.

  7. Seeker Seeker says:

    I really enjoy Ricky Jay s acumen as a storyteller, as much as his brilliant magic skills This book represents the level of detail and history that accompanies the unusual people and talents that are it s subjects.

  8. David R. Jeane David R. Jeane says:

    good read

  9. V.J.M V.J.M says:

    Wow, this proves humans are capable of the most amazing things.

  10. Brendan Scoggin Brendan Scoggin says:

    No cover jacket was included.

  11. Renald E. Parcesepe Renald E. Parcesepe says:

    Very interesting book about very strange people.Great photos and stories.

  12. pcoelho pcoelho says:

    Unique book

  13. Annie Annie says:

    loved this

  14. Kohl and Company Kohl and Company says:

    Anything written by Ricky Jay is a wonderful read.This book has so much great detail and is written so well that it is hard to put down The fun reading this book kept me going from beginning to end Don t pass this book up.

  15. Brendan Floyd Brendan Floyd says:

    Quick delivery on a great book, a rarity containing interesting personages of an overlooked variety I would recommend this book to everyone.