[[ epub pdf ]] Learning to See: Value-Stream Mapping to Create Value and Eliminate Muda : Version 1.3 June 2003: Value Stream Mapping to Add Value and Eliminate Muda (Lean Enterprise Institute)Autor Mike Rother – Bilb-weil.de

Much Important, These Simple Maps Often Drawn On Scrap Paper Showed Where Steps Could Be Eliminated, Flows Smoothed, And Pull Systems Introduced In Order To Create A Truly Lean Value Stream For Each Product FamilyIn John Teamed With Mike Rother Of The University Of Michigan To Write Down Toyota S Mapping Methodology For The First Time In Learning To See This Simple Tool Makes It Possible For You To See Through The Clutter Of A Complex Plant You Ll Soon Be Able To Identify All Of The Processing Steps Along The Path From Raw Materials To Finished Goods For Each Product And All Of The Information Flows Going Back From The Customer Through The Plant And Upstream To Suppliers With This Knowledge In Hand It Is Much Easier To Envision A Future State For Each Product Family In Which Wasteful Actions Are Eliminated And Production Can Be Pulled Smoothly Ahead By The CustomerIn Plain Language And With Detailed Drawings, This Workbook Explains Everything You Will Need To Know To Create Accurate Current State And Future State Maps For Each Of Your Product Families And Then To Turn The Current State Into The Future State Rapidly And SustainablyIn Learning To See You Will Find A Foreword By Jim Womack And Dan Jones Explaining The Need For This ToolAn Introduction By Mike Rother And John Shook Describing How They Discovered The Mapping Tool In Their Study Of ToyotaGuidance On Identifying Your Product FamiliesA Detailed Explanation Of How To Draw A Current State MapA Practice Case Permitting You To Draw A Current State Map On Your Own, With Feedback From Mike And John In The Appendix On How You DidA Detailed Explanation Of How To Draw A Future State MapA Second Practice Case Permitting You To Draw A Future State Map, With The Answer Provided In The AppendixGuidance On How To Designate A Manager For Each Value StreamAdvice On Breaking Implementation Into Easy StepsAn Explanation Of How To Use The Yearly Value Stream Plan To Guide Each Product Family Through Successive Future StatesMore Than , Copies Of Learning To See Have Been Sold In The Past Two Years Readers From Across The World Report That Value Stream Mapping Has Been An Invaluable Tool To Start Their Lean Transformation And To Make The Best Use Of Kaizen Events

5 thoughts on “Learning to See: Value-Stream Mapping to Create Value and Eliminate Muda : Version 1.3 June 2003: Value Stream Mapping to Add Value and Eliminate Muda (Lean Enterprise Institute)

  1. QM QM says:

    I just received my shrink wrapped copy Appears to be a well thought out overview pragmatic and easy to follow A great resource It s ironic that a book on lean methods focusing on eliminating waste is delivered with the colored tabs not spiral bound At first I thought there was a purpose for this and wasted 10 minutes flipping through the book looking for a well thought out reason Defects are one of the seven forms of waste and arguably the most significant.I m exchanging it but I am virtually certain I will receive a similarly defective product I am wasting my time I d be ok with this kind of defect for a deeply discounted price and find it hard to believe that an seller or publisher is not aware of this defect I will not pay full price for this.

  2. Jarrod Pierce Jarrod Pierce says:

    5 Stars for the Content this is a must have for those looking to reduce waste and leverage Lean in their facility.1 Star for the Binding my books came in without the tab dividers actually bound into the book, and they fell out as soon as I opened All books in my order came with the same defect there is some sad irony in the fact that it wasn t done right the first time, on time Defects from the TIMWOOD model

  3. Honest Reviews because i'm sick of the fake ones Honest Reviews because i'm sick of the fake ones says:

    I think that these book are fake None of the chapter tabs are connected to this book I posted a picture of an authentic copy of book versus the one that I received

  4. Matt A. Matt A. says:

    It s reputation had preceded my purchase of the book Once I read through it, I was somewhat disappointed in the lack of examples and deeper dive into some of the concepts around available time, shifts, and parallel processes It is still a good basic book but I guess I had higher expectations given it s reputation It is not very helpful for non manufacturing situations The concepts can still be applied but there is only one example and it s a manufacturing one.

  5. Roy Roy says:

    This is the best book to use to learn value stream mapping, and you can honestly use the insight gained by working through it to improve factory processes Really.I worked through the book myself over a hotel weekend, and then tried it out, and then read it again I have honestly used Value Stream Mapping to take 5 million probably WAY worth of stupid out of the processes at my part of a factory that does about 30M per month in salesThe bad The book comes with a CD It s worthless If you buy a used copy without the CD, don t worry about it.Update OK, so this was interesting to come across a few years down the road I bought this book and wrote the preceding review about 5 years ago I got some very good results out the improvements that eventually came from mapping current state processes, and then mapping the future state, and then getting to work on the differences lean mfg Over the entire factory, the benefit turned out to be a little shy of 10 million dollars Fast forward five years, and now I ve got my own operation to run Obviously, everyone here has read this book The factory supervisors and the lead men write the current state, and say what needs fixing The engineers write the future state, and a Project manager figures out how to get there and prioritizes which problems to work in what order So far, we ve been able to take 5% out of cost in six months, and that s only because we don t have much practice.