[Lesening] ➿ Legendtopia Book #1: The Battle for Urth (English Edition) Autor Lee Bacon – Bilb-weil.de

This book is amazing It is funny, it is for kids, and it has fantasy in it It was so good, that I read it over and over again and it is still my favorite book If you re looking for a good book, then I definitely reccomend this book. A Story Of Courage And Friendship The Pacing Is Brisk, The Writing Is Straightforward, And Action And Humor Abound SLJHumorous KirkusGripping BooklistPraise For JOSHUA DREAD Funny, Action Packed, And A Total Page Turner Adam Gidwitz, Author Of A Tale Dark GrimmWelcome To LEGENDTOPIA, Where Fantasy Meets Reality In A New Series From The Author Of JOSHUA DREAD Two Kids Kara, A Girl From Our World, And Prince Fred, A Royal Boy From The Kingdomof Heldstone Join Forces To Save UrthHave You Ever Been On A School Trip That Went Totally, Epically Wrong Thats What Happens When Kara Visits Legendtopia, A Fantasy Theme Restaurant With Her Class Shes Just Trying To Retrieve Her Prized Necklace When She Stumbles Through A Small Wooden Door And Into A Magical World Where Dragons Breathe Fire And An Evil Sorceress Is Out To Get Her Luckily, Prince Fred Is Ready To Be At Karas Service Hes Desperate For Someone In The Kingdom Of Heldstone To Recognize His Braveryand He Knows Exactly How To Handle Ogres And Elves But Hes Clueless When It Comes To Urth, A Mystical And Thrilling Place With Cars And Cell Phones Thats Exactly Where He Ends Up When He Follows Kara Back Through The Door And Hes Not The Only One After Kara Magic Is Spreading A Dark Kingdom Is Rising And The Fate Of Not One, But Two Worlds Rests In Karas And Freds Hands My daughter and I couldn t put this book down The story of Kara and Fred had her laughing out loud, eager to find out what would happen next in this epic adventure.When 12 year old Kara Estrada goes on a field trip to a fantasy themed restaurant, she s not impressed The knight is a pimply teenager in a clanky suit of armor The unicorn is nothing than a stuffed horse with a horn taped to its head And the dragon looks like an oversized chicken.But when Kara stumbles into a broken refrigerator, she finds herself transported from a fake fantasy restaurant to an actual fantasy world That s where she meets Prince Fred, a boy who is bored with his pampered life in the royal palace When the two of them are attacked by the evil Sorceress, they flee back to Kara s world Urth, as Fred calls it Unfortunately, the Sorceress follows them And it doesn t take long before she s attempting to turn Urth into her own personal kingdom.The writing is brisk and humorous Chapters are divided between Kara s and Fred s point of view This provides many moments of hilarious misunderstandings like when Prince Fred first encounters a Self Own as the two kids race to save Urth from the sinister Sorceress.I would highly recommend this fun, fast paced adventure Book is so well written It s interesting captivating really , thrilling and incredibly funny I don t remember there being anything negative about it Highly recommendbtw, I m 53 yrs old I was still enthralled I have never been much into superheros, villians, the world desperately needing rescue but I must say, I had thoroughly enjoyed reading Lee Bacon s earlier Joshua Dread series and now, Legendtopia with my all things Superhero, Star Wars, Harry Potter, and so forth obsessed daughter I was pleasantly surprised how lovable the characters are thank you Lee for giving us such wonderful, spunky, tough, and courageous middle school boys AND girls in your adventures I loved the witty humor that runs continuously through the pages making for fun, easy yet engaging and suspenseful reading The only problem I had was getting my daughter to put Bacon s books down when it s time to go to bed.With Legendtopia, I was initially hesitant due to the recommended reading ages being a couple years older We read the book together and not once did I question the age appropriateness for my 8 yr old second grader It s a fun, enjoyable read and we were both disappointed when it ended, leaving us finally having returned to the magical kingdom of Heldstone with shadowy figures lurking closely behind Seeing there is a second book coming out, my daughter could wait no longer and devised her own Chasing Charm dragon necklace to help her locate where she might find a copy of the upcoming Shadow Queen which we are both very much looking forward to reading.