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The books include famous stories from Japan and other parts of the world re tellings of traditional stories, classic tales, Japanese legends and poems, as well as some newly commissioned stories all designed to introduce particular aspects of Japanese culture and society The stories complement any textbook being used by a student of Japanese anywhere in the world the books are ideal for those learning in language schools or through self study With beautiful colour illustrations woven throughout the text, based on classic and contemporary Japanese art, the Let s Read Japanese series will ensure hours of pleasurable learning and practice This volume includes traditional Japanese stories, a classic fairy tale, some newly commissioned stories and a collection of Japanese poemsLady Murasaki by A YamanakaRead Candles and the Mermaids by M OgawaCollection of HaikuThe Futamata Tunnel Explosion

6 thoughts on “Let's Read Japanese: Level 3 volume 1

  1. Customer Customer says:

    It was present to my son, who just start learning Japanese He said it is a nice book, but probably than for beginners He used dictionary a lot.

  2. Javier Martín Javier Martín says:

    Es un libro perfecto para seguir con el aprendizaje del idioma japon s F cil de leer y con furiganas en los kanjis

  3. nagu nagu says:

    Ce petit livre souple est pratique et est tr s bien pour apprendre un peu plus de vocabulaire et leurs Kanjis associ s.

  4. Jesse P Fitzgerald Jesse P Fitzgerald says:

    I consider myself a low intermediate learner my speaking is strong than my reading and writing , and this was just the ticket for me to read something in Japanese The material is presented like a Japanese formatted book, albeit larger than the standard small sizes The kanji and furigana are nicely printed The cover, color plates, and page quality are great for a paperback.There are traditional tales, adapted western classics and slightly modern stories present There is no English present, other than the story summaries at the rear of the book I absolutely recommend this product if you re working through your JLPT N5 and would like to read and expand your vocabulary using Japanese text in a real book The furigana makes reading less daunting than you d think, and I d hope attempting to read through it would build your confidence a little, as it did for me.

  5. Anandamayi Anandamayi says:

    Marvelous reader I ve had a hard time finding something simple enough for me to tackle, yet interesting enough to want to read This is a winner Also, simple in the right way for non native speaking students, which is different from the sort of simple found in children s books Furigana is a huge help, and means I can easily look up words I don t know.

  6. Jacob Beal Jacob Beal says:

    Great book I love the level system that they are implementing in this series I m looking forward to the rest of the books The only complaint is that some of the pictures are not distributed well as parts of pictures are cut off across two pages