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From The Humblest Of Beginnings The Ringling Brothers Built And Became Equal Owners Of The Greatest Amusement Enterprise In The World S History The Ringling Brothers Were Seven American Siblings Of Small Town Wisconsin Who Transformed Their Small Touring Company Of Performers Into One Of America S Largest Circuses In The Late Th And Early Th Centuries In Alfred Alf Theodore Ringling Published The Book Life Story Of The Ringling Brothers There Is No Striking Example Of A Well Defined Ambition Reaching Out Toward A Distinctive Goal, And Attaining It Regardless Of Seemingly Insurmountable Obstacles And Difficulties, Than In The Story Of The Ringling Brothers To Be Sure, The Idea Of Five Boys Saying To Each Other, We Want A Circus, Wasn T Much To Create Than A Laugh Among Their Playfellows But For Them To Determine To Have A Circus, And The Biggest And Finest In The World, And Then To Start Getting It, And Finish By Having It, Makes An Altogether Different Story Of The Five Little Boys Dreams There Wasn T Much In The Wanting To Have, But There Was A Great Deal In The Getting Of Course, All This Didn T Happen In An Hour There Is A Great Lapse Of Years Between The Time When The Ringling Boys Said, We Want A Circus, And The Day When The Ringling Men Could Say, We Have A Circus, And It Is This Intervening Time Between The Desire And The Realization With Which This Story Deals It Is A Wonderful Story To Write An Adventure In Real Life, A Page In The History Of America S Great Men That Teems With Lessons Of Patience, Perseverance, And Honest Effort It Is Caesarian, Napoleonic, Bismarckian In Effort, And In Accomplishment Than Can Be Said Of Alexander The Latter Conquered The World, But The Ringling Brothers Pleased It Alexander, With All His Conquests, Could Not Do This History Records No Greater Trials Than Marked The Beginning Of The Career Of These Great Circus Men, Nor Does History Record A Greater Triumph Than Has Rewarded Them For Their Labor This was a wonderous book.If people want to build a great Circus collection,this is a must have They lived in the world they dreamed. This book is great for anyone in business or entertainment of any kind Great inspiration I highly recommend this book to circus fans, entertainers, business people, and anyone just looking for something good to read.