pdf Lincoln: A PhotobiographyAutor Russell Kostenlosdman – Bilb-weil.de

I bought this book for my son s 11th birthday He s always been interested in President Lincoln because they have the same birthday albeit different years This book was the last present he opened after the gameboy, the new game, and several other books The gameboy went on the table and the book came out He read for nearly an hour, occasionally stopping to fill me in on tidbits from the book The book is very interesting reading, even for adults, and is written in such a way to capture the reader s interest from the beginning I would highly recommend it Abraham Lincoln Stood Out In A Crowd As Much For His Wit And Rollicking Humor As For His Height This Newbery Medal Winning Biography Of Our Civil War President Is Warm, Appealing, Andillustrated With Dozens Of Carefully Chosen Photographs And PrintsRussell Freedman Begins With A Lively Account Of Abraham Lincoln S Boyhood, His Career As A Country Lawyer, And His Courtship And Marriage To Mary Todd Then The Author Focuses On The Presidential Years To , Skillfullly Explaining The Many Complex Issues Lincoln Grappled With As He Led A Deeply Divided Nation Through The Civil War The Book S Final Chapter Is A Moving Account Of That Tragic Evening In Ford S Theatre On April , Concludes With A Sampling Of Lincoln Writings And A Detailed List Of Lincoln Historical Sites This Title Has Been Selected As A Common Core Text Exemplar Grades , Read Aloud Informational Text This book has great historical photos through out it Also, a Newberry Award winner You ll enjoy this book if you re an Abraham Lincoln enthusiast I m sure that there are plenty of biographies out there on President Lincoln, but I have not seen any that give us as good a kid friendly view on him until this one The photos add an unparalleled personality that draws in the reader, and they truly are beautiful The book presents a great summary of Lincoln s life and most impressively even tackles some of the darker moments, as is approriate for the target elementary middle school audience It is informatve and an easy, educational read that should prove great for research. Great book for young readers Honestly, I usually dislike any type of biographies, but this was different The photos and drawings not only broke up the text and made the reading inviting, but they were quite interesting in their own right The many facts, especially direct quotes, of Lincoln were intriguing and some funny Slavery was a monstrous injustice It was a cancer threatening to grow out of control in a nation originally dedicated to the inalienable rights of man Lincoln agreed with others that he was rather homely referring once to his poor, lean, lank face When a rival called him two faced during a political debate, Lincoln replied I leave it to my audience If I had another face, do you think I d wear this one Some of the letters included reveal a man of great penmanship and great words What struck me most throughout the book was the ending He seemed to be aware that he would die by assassination, and accepted such If I wore a shirt of mail, and kept myself surrounded by a bodyguard, it would be all the same There are a thousand ways of getting at a man if it is desired that he should be killed And later he had a dream that he was wandering through the White House but no one was around until he reached the East Room, where a wake was held When he asked Who is dead in the White House the answer was The President, he was killed by an assassin At that point he woke in his dream In all, a fascinating look at an ordinary man who lived a than ordinary life, devoting it to leading his loved country I have no other so great ambition as that of being truly esteemed of my fellow men, by rendering myself worthy of their esteem This book reads like an adventure than a biography, but contains everything one could hope to learn from a biography. Great little book good for elementary age if you believe in old fashioned education or Jr High age if you believe in the dumbed down public education model we live with today Quick, easy read, and no revised or rewritten History in it Seller is great and would do business with them again.