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I finished the series on a plane from Florida I was enchanted while I read, entranced even for a while after But when the spell wore off, I realized that while the plot is good, the characters are flat and underdeveloped, and the stories are without any deeper significance It s a good, light, superficial read but will not really leave any impressions on the soul In Tortall, things float in and out without leaving traces like some of Alanna s thief friends, Gary, and Raoul , and some of the things that are most important in the first novels the Ordeal don t really matter in the others Alanna really doesn t think too much about the Ordeal after it s over The series is good, but not great Fine for younger readers, OK for older ones too, but make sure that there are REAL fantasy stories available too I recommend it but will also say that Sabriel Garth Nix is much better and is fully rounded, with a four dimensional world like our own. Grade In Book Four Of The Song Of The Lioness Sequence, The Stage Is Set For A Series Of Final Confrontations For Alanna, The Woman Who Rides Like A Man, Involving Love, Adventure, And Power A New Romance Enters Her Life In The Person Of Liam Ironarm, A Shang Dragon Warrior With Others Alanna And Liam Travel To The Roof Of The World On A Quest For The Dominion Jewel They Return Home In Time To Play Their Parts In A Struggle Between Good And Evil, Represented By Jonathan, Now King, And Alanna S Enemy, Duke Roger If The Finale Seems A Long Time Coming For Some Readers, The Climactic Conflict Is Worth Waiting For It S Handled Skillfully, With All The Of Tension, Drama, And Physical Action That A Good Fight Should Generate The Ending Is An Appropriate Mixture Of Sorrow And Joy And Hope For The Future Lioness Rampant Will Be Confusing For Readers Who Do Not Know The Earlier Books, But Alanna S Fans Will Be Pleased To See Their Heroine Triumphant In All The Ways That Matter Amy Kellman, Carnegie Library Of PittsburghCopyright Reed Business Information, IncFull Of Slam Bang Actionyoung Readers Will Rejoice KirkusAlanna S Fans Will Be Pleased To See Their Heroine Triumph In All The Ways That Matter School Library JournalIt Has The Appeal Of Good Winning Over Evil And Of The Resilient Courage Of A Believably Heroic Female Protagonist The Bulletin Of The Center For Children S Books Ich habe als Kind die deutschen B nde verschlungen Gro artige Geschichte von einem tapferen M dchen, was sich aufmachte Ritterin zu werden. This book rocks It s awesome and highly exciting I loved it although I found it sad Faithful, Liam, and Thom die Plus Roger and Josiane but I was REALLY sad about them I loved everything about this book I don t know where Tamora gets these ideas but they are WONDERFUL I have read them all like five times each, if not and I am glad she picked George I htought that was wonderful Jon put on way to much pressure I m glad that he found Thayet I m glad George and Alanna got together I knew they belonged together when they saw each other in the market that first day she became a page It was a wonderful book and it tied up all the loose endings It s almost perfect the reason it s not is because nothing can ever be perfect but this comes pretty darn close. Okay, this is a wonderful conclusion to an incredible series Roger is the perfect villain he has some human qualities He has good things abut him likable, suave, charming, as well as being evil I loved the thing between Myles and Eleni Cooper, and that the Ralon of Malven end was tied up Brilliant Okay, here s the one thing Alanna and Jon belong together In the original draft of the book, Alanna and Jon did marry, but then TP changed it, though God knows why Anyway, what about the fact that Thayet wanted to be a commoner and start a school what about the fact that Alanna and George s parent s are getting together What about the fact that the Woman Who Rides Like a Man and the Voice of the Tribes getting together would bring lots of attention to the tribe that has female shamans What about the fact that nobody, but nobody, would be able to stop Kel from being a knight if Alanna were queen I could go on For all you Little Women fans out there, I could cite Jo and Laurie Hello peolple out there who are in favour of a marriage between Alanna and John It would have been so predictable and common for the heroine and the prince to marry each other in the end The writer did a great job in preventing the story from taking a boring end Alanna and George is the ONLY possible constellation in order to Alanna s extraordinary personality Would it really suit her being a queen I do not think so Loved it as a kid and read it now again with 36 and still enjoyed it Will definitively give it to my 10 year old daughter. I have read this book several times, and though I am already 19 years old this book is the source of joy, even if one is sad.The lioness, has received a letter of an old women, who turned out to be Halef Seif s mother, when she tried to rescue her from burning The women died and Halef Seif refused to take the letter, telling Allan, she would like the way the map shows her So Allana takes the chance and rides eastward with Coram On her journey she meets the Shang Dragon and the Princess of Tusain, Thayet and her friend.Nevertheless the end of her journey is not the Mistral, but again she and her friends have to save Tortall from Duke RogerA really good book not only for children, with great, enthusiastic characters.