[ read online Prime ] Little Rock Girl 1957: How a Photograph Changed the Fight for Integration (Captured History)Autor Shelley Marie Tougas – Bilb-weil.de

Nine African American Students Made History When They Defied A Governor And Integrated An Arkansas High School In It Was The Photo Of A Young Girl Trying To Enter The School Being Taunted, Harassed And Threatened By An Angry Mob That Grabbed The World S Attention And Kept Its Disapproving Gaze On Little Rock, Arkansas In Defiance Of A Federal Court Order, Governor Orval Faubus Called In The National Guard To Prevent The Students From Entering All White Central High School The Plan Had Been For The Students To Meet And Go To School As A Group On September , But One Student Didn T Hear Of The Plan And Tried To Enter The School Alone A Chilling Photo By Newspaper Photographer Will Counts Captured The Sneering Expression Of A Girl In The Mob And Made History Years Later Counts Snapped Another Photo, This One Of The Same Two Girls, Now Grownup, Reconciling In Front Of Central High School

5 thoughts on “Little Rock Girl 1957: How a Photograph Changed the Fight for Integration (Captured History)

  1. Gina Gina says:

    This book really helped my class of fourth graders understand the very human part of the Civil Rights Movement They felt a personal connection to the Little Rock Nine We talked about the iconic picture on the cover for days and they were shocked by the anger they saw reflected in the faces of the protesters This book gave very interesting information about the photographer and also what happened to the people after 1957.

  2. 12th-century.se Customer 12th-century.se Customer says:

    Product as advertised

  3. jess jess says:

    I bought this book for my son, they were having a reading challenge at school and this book was on the list of required reading After he read it, I ended up using it as a reference for a paper I wrote in my college sociology course, race and ethnic group relations.Lots of great info and pics

  4. ladybugchina ladybugchina says:

    This is a part of our cities past, as we live outside of Little Rock I would recommend every child have the opportunity to read this book While not a pleasant reminder of the bias, misunderstanding and indeed racism that occurred during that time, it is also the story of the hope and peace that can come from reconciliation.

  5. alwayz winn alwayz winn says:

    Great Book The photographer captured history moments in time.