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Die Br der Heath beschreiben ihre Methode SUCESS , die in einfacher und sehr zug nglicher Weise beschreibt, wie man Gedanken oder Inhalte ideas aufbereiten und vorbringen muss, damit der Empf nger sie aufnehmen m chte und sie ankommen Kompakt gesagt geht es darum, dass What we simply need is a simple, unexpected, concrete, credentialed and emotional story for our ideas to make them stick at the audience.Das Buch ist nat rlich sehr gut aufbereitet und ist sehr zug nglich Es stickt , macht Spa und man kann es in einem durchlesen Man wird pers nlich erreicht und die zahlreichen Beispiele aus der Praxis belegen eindrucksvoll die Richtigkeit des Beschriebenen Ich hatte gehofft, endlich mal eine solche Aufbereitung zu finden, denn das Thema ist von allergr ter Relevanz f r das t gliche Arbeiten und Kommunizieren.Chip und Dan Heath sind nat rlich Experten im Fach der Vermittlung und das beweisen sie in der Aufbereitung ihres Buches.Der Preis ist sehr moderat und absolut angemessen f r Umfang und Qualit t.Ich kann dieses Buch sehr empfehlen f r Freunde von lebendig geschriebenen Sachb chern Starred Review Unabashedly Inspired By Malcolm Gladwell S Bestselling The Tipping Point, The Brothers HeathChip A Professor At Stanford S Business School, Dan A Teacher And Textbook Publisheroffer An Entertaining, Practical Guide To Effective Communication Drawing Extensively On Psychosocial Studies On Memory, Emotion And Motivation, Their Study Is Couched In Terms Of Stickinessthat Is, The Art Of Making Ideas Unforgettable They Start By Relating The Gruesome Urban Legend About A Man Who Succumbs To A Barroom Flirtation Only To Wake Up In A Tub Of Ice, Victim Of An Organ Harvesting Ring What Makes Such Stories Memorable And Ensures Their Spread Around The Globe The Authors Credit Six Key Principles Simplicity, Unexpectedness, Concreteness, Credibility, Emotions And Stories The Initial Letters Spell Out Successwell, Almost They Illustrate These Principles With A Host Of Stories, Some Familiar Kennedy S Stirring Call To Land A Man On The Moon And Return Him Safely To The Earth Within A Decade And Others Very Funny Nora Ephron S Anecdote Of How Her High School Journalism Teacher Used A Simple, Embarrassing Trick To Teach Her How Not To Bury The Lead Throughout The Book, Sidebars Show How Bland Messages Can Be Made Intriguing Fun To Read And Solidly Researched, This Book Deserves A Wide Readership Jan Copyright Reed Business Information, A Division Of Reed Elsevier Inc All Rights ReservedBased On A Class At Stanford Taught By One Of The Authors, This Book Profiles How Some Ideas Stick In Our Minds While The Majority Fall By The Wayside Urban Legends, Conspiracy Theories, And Compelling Advertising Make Up Much Of The Intrinsically Interesting Examples That The Heaths Profile That Qualify For Stickiness This Book Explores What Makes Social Epidemics Epidemic And, As The Heaths Cite From Malcolm Gladwell S Tipping Point , Defines The Secret Recipe That Makes An Idea Viral The Principles Of Stickiness Are Examined An Unexpected Outcome, Lots Of Concrete Details That We Remember, Emotion, Simplicity, And Credibility All Packaged In An Easily Told Story Format Taking These Five Stickiness Attributes, The Book Offers Numerous Examples Of How These Properties Make Up The Stories We Are All Familiar With The Urban Legend About Kidney Theft And The Razor Blades Supposedly Lurking In Halloween Candy Exercises, Checklists, And Other Tools Are Sprinkled Throughout The Book To Help The Reader Understand And Test How Stickiness Can Be Applied To Their Ideas, Whether They Are Teachers, Parents, Or CEOs Gail Whitcomb Copyright American Library Association All Rights Reserved Why do we remember urban legend stories, chatter about celebrities but hardly can summarize the latest statement of our company s CEO The brothers Heath present their concept on what separates information which sticks and information that doesn t It is no surprise that the answer is found in the way information is presented.The book is well structured and full of examples which highlight the various points the authors want us to understand The most important bit and the point were everything else starts is simplicity Boiling down the details to the core is crucial That core information has to be presented in a way which makes it stick.The chapters following simplicity are Unexpectedness, Concreteness, Credibility, Emotions and Stories It obviously is no surprise that one can spell these as SUCCES.In each chapter examples highlight why these elements are crucial, how they can be achieved and what has to be considered to implement them successfully.A final chapter wraps things up and briefly repeats the core elements.I found the book very easy to follow The examples are well chosen, the book and the chapters are well structured The authors are writing free of jargon, in a witty and easy to understand language.With sticking examples and clear messages why the different elements are important one can make good use of the succes approach Be it presentations or reports they certainly can be improved with some elements from the concepts presented here. I teach English and German and a question I ask myself often than I d like to admit to, is Why don t my students remember that Why do some trivial things I say as an afterthought or some funny but ultimately useless vocabulary stick better than the things they actually have to remember This is not to say that this book eliminated my problems they still all know what to swirl means after I told them about swirlies but keep forgetting the 3rd person s in the present simple but the book gives clear and understandable guidelines about what makes ideas stickier.With many books I have encountered you get bad examples, the glaring Thou shalt not , and then you get a good, yet completely different example.What I need is a toolkit to help me make concepts that are, in and of themselves, not all that breathtaking, interesting I can t change the curriculum but I can work on the ways I present what has to be taught.In this respect this book is great because it shows you how to improve existing, unsticky ideas.It s witty without compromising content and insightful without being dull or over written If only every useful book were this great a read, tooMy biggest question before buying was Will that be even helpful for teaching Answer Yes, definitely.The excerpt from the Washington Post review quoted on the book s front page pretty much sums it up Anyone interested in influencing others to buy, to vote, to learn, to diet, to give to charity or to start a revolution can learn from this book. I really enjoyed this book It was interesting, engaging, and presented ideas well and clearly A good read if you are looking for freshness when approaching new ideas or re visiting old ones Both practical and inspiring. Der rote Faden durch das Buch zieht sich von Anfang bis zum Ende Es werden klar die 6 Grundkonzepte f r Ideen, Geschichten, Erz hlungen udgl vermittelt, wodurch diese h ngen bleiben.M hselig will ich hier nicht wiederholen, was diese sind selbst kaufen und nachlesen F r Personen, die im Marketing oder in F hrungspositionen arbeiten ist dieses Buch sehr zu empfehlen Ideen effizienter kommunizieren ist das Thema Es wird aber auch aufgezeigt was man tun kann um negativen Mythen zu begegnen. Clear and concise Main points highlighted with examples The book practices what it preaches