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Winner of theEuler Book Prize, Mathematical Association of AmericaHonorable Mention for theAward for Best Professional Scholarly Book in Popular Science F ascinating Magical Mathematics is a dazzling tour of math based magic tricks Lovers of recreational mathematics, and especially fans of the late Martin Gardner, who contributed the foreword, will find many pleasures in Magical Mathematics And while exposing magic secrets in a book intended for the general public may raise hackles among some old guard magicians, exploring the math behind these tricks will, in truth, only deepen the mystery For, as the authors remind us, sometimes the methods are as magical as the tricks themselves Alex Stone, Wall Street JournalThe Riemann hypothesis, the Mandelbrot set, Fermat s last theorem these mathematical notions and others underlie all manner of magic tricks Mathematicians Persi Diaconis also a card magician and Ron Graham also a juggler unveil the connections between magic and math in this well illustrated volume Scientific AmericanWriting for the public, the two authors share their passions, teaching sophisticated mathematical concepts along with interesting card tricks, which rely upon those principles for their workings GENII The Conjurors Magazine I t is simply a beautiful book The design, layout, typography, even the paper is beautiful T his is one of the most fun, engaging new popular mathematics books I ve seen in a long time The Math Less Traveled BlogThe authors are master storytellers T he authors offer advice and recommendations for further pursuits in mathematics, magic and juggling Cut the Knot blogWell known and highly respected in the mathematical community, Diaconis and Graham have produced a work that completely lives up to expectations It contains descriptions of magic tricks as viewed by an audience, the mathematics that make them possible, and clear explanations to help you with a little practice amaze your friends Library Journal Magical Mathematics gives readers a peek behind the velvet curtain that hides the magician s secrets The book covers some nifty card tricks, juggling, codes and a slew of mind bending puzzles The book doesn t just tell you how to fool and impress your friends with parlour tricks, it explains why these tricks work, so that you can go on to devise your own in fact, the authors challenge you to do just that The writing is lively and the tricks are well set up, providing newbie magicians with both points of view what the audience sees and what the magician knows Montreal Gazette Magical Mathematics is an absolutely remarkable book I don t say this lightly Publishers send me plenty of books to review Some I likethan others Magical Mathematics is a fantastic book for someone who wants to explore the non trivial math behind some impressive magic tricks While I enjoy purely recreational math puzzles that have no practical application I also love it when I discover challenges that are interesting and relevant Magical Mathematics is chock full of fun and deep challenges that students and adults can sink their teeth into Wild About Math blogOverchapters, the reader is taken on a unique and wonderful tour that fuses magical tricks with underlying mathematical explanations and personal stories, written by world renowned experts in both fields With its friendly, disarming style, the book is pitched perfectly at a level that will surprise both the hardened mathematical researcher and the interested general reader, without putting either of them off T his book is a must buy CJ Howls, Times Higher Education SupplementFinally a book that celebrates the math involved in magic This is quite simply the most brilliant book ever written on this mind blowing, highly secretive field David Blaine, illusionistA remarkably appealing concoction of conjuring, invention, education, science, homage, and memoir it is like no other book in the long history of magic Ricky Jay, author, actor, and one of the world s best sleight of hand artistsA truly stunning exposition by two masters in the field Diaconis and Graham trace the fascinating relationship between mathematics and magic, which goes back at least eight hundred years Nothing like this has been published before Magical Mathematics is a huge contribution both to magic and mathematics Colm Mulcahy, author of Card Colm, an online column hosted by the Mathematical Association of America Magical Mathematics is a truly magical book, containing ample amounts of mathematics and magic that will amaze and amuse Diaconis and Graham are both first rate mathematicians and performers, and offer insights and ideas that could not have been expressed by anyone else This book is destined to be a classic on the subject Arthur Benjamin, coauthor of Secrets of Mental Math The Mathemagician s Guide to Lightning Calculation and Amazing Math TricksThis is a wonderful book, unique and engaging Diaconis and Graham manage to convey the awe and marvels of mathematics, and of magic tricks, especially those that depend fundamentally on mathematical ideas They range over many delicious topics, giving us an enchanting personal view of the history and practice of magic, of mathematics, and of the fascinating connection between the two cultures Magical Mathematics will have an utterly devoted readership Barry Mazur, author of Imagining Numbers particularly the square root of minus fifteenMagical Mathematics is a wonder to behold It instantly seduces the reader with goodies new and old, and is just as perfect for long term study There are also surprises for those well familiar with the magical realm Robert E Neale, magician

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