Read epub Major Taylor: The Inspiring Story of a Black Cyclist and the Men Who Helped Him Achieve Worldwide FameAuthor Conrad Kerber –

In The Wake Of The Tour De France S Fallen Heroes, The Story Of One Of History S Most Legendary Cyclists Provides A Much Needed Antidote In The World S Most Popular Athlete Was Not Cy Young Or Ty Cobb Rather, He Was A Black Bicycle Racer Named Major Taylor In His Day, Taylor Became A Spiritual And Athletic Idol He Was The Fastest Man In America And A Champion Who Prevailed Over Unspeakable Cruelty The Men Who Aided Him Were Among The Most Colorful To Emerge From The Era When Hotel And Restaurant Operators Denied Taylor Food And Lodgings, Forcing Him To Sleep In Horse Stables And To Race Hungry, There Was A Benevolent Racer Turned Trainer Named Birdie Munger, Who Took Taylor Under His Wing And Into His Home Then Along Came Arthur Zimmerman, An Internationally Famous Bike Racer, Who Gently Mentored Taylor When Some Riders Drew The Color Line And Refused To Race Against Him Taylor S Manager, Pugnacious Irishman And Famed Broadway Producer William Brady, Stood Up For Him When Track Owners Tried Barring Him From Competition From The Old World Came A Rakishly Handsome, Mustachioed Sports Promoter Named Victor Breyer, Who Lured Taylor Overseas For A Dramatic, Seabiscuit Versus War Admiral Like Match Race That Would Be Widely Remembered A Quarter Century Later With A Foreword By World Champion And Three Time Tour De France Winner Greg LeMond, This Spellbinding Saga Of Fortitude, Grace, Forgiveness, And A Man S Unyielding Will To Win Against The Greatest Of Odds Is Sure To Become A Classic That Will Be Enjoyed By Everyone

8 thoughts on “Major Taylor: The Inspiring Story of a Black Cyclist and the Men Who Helped Him Achieve Worldwide Fame

  1. Ged Clarke Ged Clarke says:

    Brilliant Book. essential reading for those interested.Made a TV Commercial about him coming out soon

  2. GlennW GlennW says:

    Loved this book, who would have known.

  3. bogdigger bogdigger says:

    Easy to read

  4. THE Burg THE Burg says:

    As a native of Indianapolis who s family lived in the post WWII suburb of Eagledale on the city s NW side, I Ice skated on Lake Sullivan not far from my neighborhood In1982, I think for the Pan Am games a velodrome was built right next to the lake It was named The Major Taylor Velodrome I had never heard of Major Taylor, but i learned that he we a black native of Indy who was a famous cyclist That story was pretty incomplete and I always wanted to know Now I do The authors have woven a very complete story of Major s life Not just his sporting life but his life in total From the racism he faced, to the short he forced from several white men through his career, to his personal life, to his life after racing, the story is complete, and very entertaining in it s telling If i had a complaint, it would be that the authors were, at time, a little proud of their vocabulary I have a good vocabulary, but was glad i read this on a Kindle so I could look words up That said though, it didn t detect from the story At the very least, the following purple will enjoy this book People interested in sporting history, especially at y the turn of the century people interested in the history of racism in that time people interested in the industrial revolution purple interested in bicycling people interested in how people deal with racism and just anyone who enjoys a good story I am now extremely proud that the velodrome I occasionally drive by is named after Major Taylor

  5. D. Winge D. Winge says:

    The book entitled Major Taylor by Conrad and Terry Kerber is an incredible read The Kerbers did a wonderful job crafting the book and meticulously researching Major Taylor s life Major Taylor was a phenomenon in the 1890s and became the first major black hero in America His reputation soared internationally both in Europe and Australia He was the dominant cyclist at a time when cycling was the predominant sport in America and Europee Cycling races would draw 20,000 fans to watch velodrome racing Madison Square Garden hosted a grueling 6 day race of continuous riding with the winner decided by the number of miles cycled in 6 days on an indoor track Major Taylor took only 2 hours off each day to sleep and eat There are so many amazing aspects of his story from his cycling prowess, his unmatched humility and his gift of forgiveness to hoards of white individuals who victimized him in ruthless racism Major Taylor s life was guided by his passion for cycling and his deep held Christian faith It is no wonder so many people around the world respected him for how he carried himself than his cycling power This book is very captivating and a total joy to read The only down side is that the book ends What a wonderful read.

  6. Ol' Dog Ol' Dog says:

    Long before Jack Johnson, Jesse Owens, Jackie Robinson and other race barrier busters there was a.gentle and brave cyclist who broke many records, while enduring harsh treatment all around Major Taylor became an international sports superstar, whose history has been almost forgotten.Read this book, it is.excellent and full of history Perhaps it should be made into a movie Major Taylor lives on through the myriad Major Taylor Cycling Clubs throughout the U.S This is the story of a true champion and a gentleman like no other.

  7. Pia & Richard Gordon Pia & Richard Gordon says:

    Highly recommend reading Major Taylor A Forgotten Legend by Conrad Terry Kerber, forward by Greg Lemond Excellent well researched book about Major Taylor with great insights into America s cycling craze from 1880s through the early 1900s as well as the trials of a religious black world champion of the time Reads better than many best seller histories.

  8. John Gamble, Jr. John Gamble, Jr. says:

    I m from Indianapolis and have known about Major Taylor for sometime, but I really didn t know his whole story I d always wanted to know about Major s story and after seeing the Hennessy commercial I looked on and found this book The book is very well written and at times I found myself getting emotional during critical points of his life and at descriptions of the racing wins The author did a fabulous job of bringing his story to life through what looks like meticulous research and storytelling I d love to see this story become widely known in our culture and for Major Taylor to be as well know as Jackie Robinson.