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I really loved this book especially the part when the teenagers came and threatened Mary Mary just stood up to them , even when they cut her on the forehead and the blood came out. This book is a great read I first read stuff on David Livingstone and then Mary Slessor This book touches on the harshness of the African land as well as how hard it is to preach against ancient tribals customs. good stories bought for children as end of term prizes for sunday school This book was really easy to read and the descriptive language made one travvel back in time I recommend this book. God would indeed answer the prayer of the fiery, red haired woman from Scotland For thirty nine years, Mary Slessor would labor in love among the unreached, often treacherous, tribes of Africa s Calabar region Braving sickness, danger, and death on all sides, Mary became the cherished White Ma to entire tribes Her faith, steadfastness, and pioneering spirit brought her beloved adopted people their first brilliant, contrasting example of the life and freedom found in Jesus Christ Mary Slessor s story in an ageless epic of a woman who would stop at nothing to reach the lost with the life giving gospel of Christ Very inspiring story of a woman who was about as genuine a person as you would want someone to be Talk about woman s lib Mary Slessor was a very authentic example of a quietly powerful woman driven by a love for God, the gospel and people.Janet and Geoff Benge are experienced writers who write in an engaging and easy to read and digest style If you are looking for something to inspire you and strengthen your faith I think this book will help.If time is an issue and you don t mind spending a little extra get the audible reading Very professionally read and easy to listen to I was able to listen to most of this book via air buds and my IPad with the Kindle app and or Kindle Fire while driving to and from work and preparing dinner.I have read a number of the books in this series and always come away inspired and appreciative of the power of biblically driven Christianity and its impact for good on people Atheists who attack Christianity ought to read some of these books and see how much good Christianity has actually done in the world compared to the impact of atheism with its Godless Communist ideology as its poster boy Religion is poison Mao What s Communism The antidote. THis is such a great series of missionary stories They are very well written The authors include excellent sensory details, imagines, and feelings The authors also avoid the extremely negative or frightening details, while still giving children the overall sense of the danger the missionary was facing For example, the author will explain to children that Africa was rife with malaria, yellow fever, and some other diseases and that 3 out of 4 African missionaries died within the first four years of service But the author does not go into terrifying detail about the deaths or the diseases and what they involve This is a healthy balance for children They are just so well written We have tried other less expensive missionary biographies and they were not worth it. A life of courage, great faith and selfless commitment Talk about woman power The perfect book for young girls and teens to read in an age of personal grievance and self concern A model of heroism Mary Slessor s life story should be required reading for young and old alike Reads very well and simply.My only critique is its general silence on the actual message Mary brought to Africa It would be good to have one of her sermons so we know how she spoke forth the good news to the tribes she brought the life and light of Jesus to But her actions proclaimed the gospel in way words alone cannot So that s the real message.Don t miss out Read it. We have read several of the missionary bios out loud as a family, but this one has been one of our favorites Very exciting life story of a brave and faithful woman of God. This was the first missionary biography I read, and it is definitely a good one to start with Mary Slessor is one of the most incredible human beings I have ever heard of and this account of her life is very well written Once I finished, I gave it to my wife to read, and she was as impressed as I was We have since bought an extra copy to lend to friends Once we read this book, we were hooked on the Benge s Christian Heroes series and are gradually reading all of them.