Mastermind: How Dave Brailsford Reinvented the Wheel: Sport Shorts epub –

Value for money Bottom line on Brailsford s personality and single minded approach to winning and building a high profile brand and team Well worth the read The author does not sugar coat some of the problems along the way with Pendleton and the coaching issues related to Shane Sutton nor the potential problems and risks with zero tolerance re staff on Team Sky payroll. I was surprised by this book You might think it s a short puff piece but in fact it is a really stimulating insight into the mind and methods of the man who made British Cycling Dave gives a sense of how hectic but at the same time how in control he is Not sure how he does it but this makes you realise just how much he has done and does do Definitely worth a read. This is short book is OK, and that s all There is no great insight into the subject of the book, and that s what it s all about really No one knows him well enough to have such an insight There is not much information that most people don t know already, but to be fair it s doesn t pretend to claim otherwise To me it s like a lengthy newspaper article It is advertised as a short and the price reflects that All in all worth reading but no Wow factor. This is a great engrossing read that gives you an insight into the setup of team GB team sky and Dave Brailsford but it is sadly just too short No sooner have you got into this book it is over, a great shame for something that is a great read This book could be ten times longer if the content was as good as what s written here Would of given five stars if it wasn t so brief, buy it by all means as its a great read for a 90 minute short as indicated in the title. Interesting read but lacks the depth of a full biography Great collection of small but interesting snippets, painting the larger picture of Brailsford However,I feel this is a topic that deserves longer do recognise this is a 90 minutes short so that it does well, but might leave you wanting Dave Brailsford Has Spearheaded The Track Cycling Revolution In Britain, Helping Turn The Nation Into A Superpower He Is Also Head Of Team Sky And Oversaw Bradley Wiggins Victory At The Tour De France But Who Is The Man Behind The Mask This Is A Portrait Of One Of The Most Enigmatic Presences In World Sport An Exploration Of His Background, A Unique Insight Into The Formation Of His Methodology And An Analysis Of How He Has Forged A New Path In A Sport Riven With Controversy A quick read, and an interesting analysis of some of the key episodes in Dave Brailsford s recent past, with the GB Cycling Team and Sky Brailsford s name had already popped onto my radar in David Millar s Racing in the Dark and cemented itself in my people to watch list during the Olympics and 2012 TdF.There are other, in depth tellings of the episodes detailed here but it was good to have them in one place and allows a focus on Brailsford s methods and drive Worth reading if you re interested in what a driven, passionate manager can achieve.