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Modern Russian Grammar A Practical Guide is an innovative reference guide to Russian, combining traditional and function based grammar in a single volume The Grammar is divided into two parts Part A covers traditional grammatical categories such as agreement, nouns, verbs and adjectives Part B is carefully organized around language functions covering all major communication situations With a strong emphasis on contemporary usage, all grammar points and functions are richly illustrated with examples Main features of the Grammar include clear explanations emphasis on areas of particular difficulty for learners of Russian, such as numerals and verbs of motion extensive cross referencing between the different sections This is the ideal reference grammar for learners of Russian at all levels, from beginner to advanced No prior knowledge of grammatical terminology is assumed and a glossary of grammatical terms is provided

11 thoughts on “Modern Russian Grammar (Modern Grammars)

  1. Daniel Garcia Daniel Garcia says:

    The book covers a lot of language usage and nearly all grammar points However, It is rife with misspelt Russian words which is unforgivable when the item in question is a foreign grammar book, isn t it The case would change dramatically if the misspelt words were the English words but they re not.It is, nevertheless, one of the best grammar books available, not to say the most complete.Somebody, please, let the authors know

  2. Demos James Demos James says:

    Probably the best Russian grammar on the market

  3. Doug Pitt Doug Pitt says:

    This book is something else Fantastically helpful and thoroughly well written A real pleasure to use.I commend the authors for an excellent job

  4. KM KM says:

    This book is absolutely fantastic I use it all the time when covering new grammar topics in class, and it always has a great explanation with good and understandable examples along side One of my favourite aids for supporting grammar learning

  5. Nozama.co.jp Nozama.co.jp says:

    Review Search inside

  6. Reed Kotler Reed Kotler says:

    This is a fantastic Russian grammar book The best book in English I ve seen on this subject It s even better than Terrence Wade s A Comprehensive Russian Grammar The main advantage this book has is that one of the authors is Russian Russian grammars written solely by English native speakers always have problems, even if they are supposedly proofed by Russian native speakers it seems the Russians that participate in the editorial process never carefully proof the texts.The problems that other grammar books have are enough to take away your confidence in using the grammar book Many mistakes are pretty obvious and impossible for me to imagine that despite what might appear in the foreward, no Russian native speaker could have seriously proofed the final edition The mistakes I m talking about are not typos but misunderstandings on the authors part regarding the language.My initial Russian language education was through films and TV shows so I have a pretty good grasp of everyday language and many of the mistakes in other grammars are really obvious misconceptions about certain words.The kindle version works great on my iphone The kindle reader on the iphone is much better than the kindle reader you buy from Now I have this great book with me everywhere I go and I also purchased the hardcopy.

  7. M. Jennings M. Jennings says:

    As one of the other reviews noted, the size of the graphics which depict the Russian text are made in such a fashion to make the electronic version of this book pretty much worthless I have pretty good eyes, but do generally wear reading glasses Even with my glasses and good lighting, much of the Russian text is very hard to read The H and N reversed are, for all intents and purposes, nearly impossible for me to distinguish The material seems to be good, and the print version may very well be worth purchasing the electronic version is, in my opinion, not Who ever made the decision to make the text as small as possible, when creating the graphics is a maroon as a famous actor once said.

  8. marketing-sales.co Customer marketing-sales.co Customer says:

    The book is good for a reference However, when it comes to the exclusions from specific rules it doesn t have the most comprehensive lists of specific words etc that constitute the exclusion It s also not the book to use if you have just started learning Russian.

  9. Johnny Johnny says:

    I ve yet to finish this book in it s entirety, but just reading even a small portion of this book leaves you with the impression that this is a book that is clearly written and very informative It is almost as if the authors wrote the book personally for me because they speak in a manner that I easily understand I m glad I have this resource Although the physical copy of this book is expensive for the moment, at least , the digital edition of the book is reasonably priced I can t recommend this book enough.

  10. adam skinner adam skinner says:

    A thorough grammar, sometimes too in depth you lose the read thread, however, it covers everything in the contemporary Russian language.

  11. Andreas Karlsson Andreas Karlsson says:

    This book is extremely poorly structured, it is almost impossible to find anything.The font used for the Russian seems to be just graphic.That means that it is impossible to resize the font and the one chosen is too small, making it hard to read.That also makes it impossible to search for words in Russian.The examples used are often very unnecessarily complicated, which makes is hard to focus on what the example tries to tell.I don t recommend this book to anyone.